The Monkeys Unveils New Berlei Ad That Urges Women To Stop Their Boobs Playing Their Own Game

The Monkeys Unveils New Berlei Ad That Urges Women To Stop Their Boobs Playing Their Own Game

Berlei has launched its Spring Summer 18’ Sport collection with a provocative new campaign from The Monkeys demonstrating the impact different sports have on women’s breasts when they are not wearing a supportive sports bra. 

It’s been reported that an astounding 43 per cent of women are unaware that not wearing a supportive sports bra while exercising can contribute to breast tissue damage that can cause breast sagging later in life.

The campaign, ‘Stop Your Boobs Playing Their Own Game’, speaks to women of all ages, with a range of different breast sizes who play all kinds of sport. It aims to empower women to care for and invest in themselves by choosing the right sports bra for their chosen sport or favourite type of exercise.

The campaign helps Berlei – celebrated for its Australian Institute of Sport tested bounce control sports bras – to reaffirm its category leadership position and aims to assert Berlei as a brand with true authority on women’s breasts and how to support them while playing sport or doing exercise.

The campaign shares a simple but effective message aimed at educating women on the importance of good bra support irrespective of if they are walking, doing yoga, participating in cross fit or completing a marathon, with the tagline, Berlei The Best Support For Sport.

Berlei marketing manager Andrea Michelle said: “From our extensive research and expertise, there was a simple truth that we knew better than anyone: not only do boobs move a lot during exercise, they also move differently in every different sport women play. Without the right bra women’s breasts are getting knocked around almost as much as the balls they’re playing with.”

The Monkeys creative director Barbara Humphries added: “When playing different sports, the right sports bra is as important to our comfort and performance as the shoes on our feet. A good bra does make a difference, and there’s none better than Berlei.”

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  • Anne Miles 2 years ago

    Not only a great ad for the cause but the talent casting is brilliant – very diverse and without the song and dance about it for the sake of the PR. Good one.

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