MLC Uncovers Relics From The Retirement Era

MLC Uncovers Relics From The Retirement Era

MLC and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne are launching series two of its quirky Save Retirement platform with ‘The Dig’.

Set in the future, the campaign centres on an archaeological dig. Artefacts from the ‘Retirement Era’ are being uncovered, including a small fishing runabout, a banana lounge and sporting equipment.

The head archaeologist is explaining to a colleague that this is “One of the most important digs of this century”.

The campaign builds off the Save Retirement platform MLC launched in 2014, aiming to help reduce the $1 trillion gap that exists in Australians’ retirement savings.

General manager, NAB Wealth Marketing, Rob Harris, said that while the Save Retirement platform is starting to change the way Australians look at their retirement savings, a whitepaper commissioned by MLC recently, shows even middle class Australians are feeling the pinch.

“While some Australians are thinking about their retirement, many haven’t put those plans into action. Even those on $200,000 a year say they are living pay cheque to pay cheque,” he said.

“With half of the population now likely to outlive their retirement savings by up to 13 years, we still have a lot of work to do to ensure every Australian can continue enjoy life in retirement.”

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne creative director Ant Phillips explained creating series two was about communicating a serious message in an approachable way.

“Building on the Save Retirement platform, and continuing the light hearted tone, we wanted to portray what could happen if we continue to ignore the statistics that tell us we aren’t saving enough money to enjoy retirement,” he added.

The mammoth shoot took place in western Sydney and involved five earth moving machines, 1000 tonnes of sand and a 60 hour set build.

The integrated campaign will launch on Sunday through TV, digital, OOH, print and a refreshed website.



Andrew Knott                                     Chief Marketing Officer, NAB

Rob Harris                                          General Manager, NAB Wealth Marketing

Jackie Grundell                                    Head of Brand and Digital, NAB Wealth

Shini De Silva                                     Manager, Brand, NAB Wealth

Silpa Haria                                          Manager, Digital Marketing, NAB Wealth

Andy Shirlaw                                      Consultant, Digital Marketing, NAB Wealth

Loraine Shields                                   Consultant, Brand and Digital, NAB Wealth

Melanie Smith                                      Consultant, Brand and Digital, NAB Wealth

Jackson Ritchie                                   Graduate, Brand and Digital, NAB Wealth

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

James McGrath                                   Creative Chairman

Ant Keogh                                          Executive Creative Director

Richard Williams                                 Creative Director

Anthony Phillips                                  Creative Director

Sonia von Bibra                                   Executive Producer

Lisa Moro                                           Senior Producer (TV)

Michael Travers                                  Senior Producer (Print)

Christian Russell                                Head of Interactive Production

Nathan van der Byl                           Senior Producer (Digital)

Charlotte Abroms                               Producer (Digital)

Lee Simpson                                      Managing Partner

Rhys Arnott                                        Senior Account Director

Navin Arunasalam                              Digital Account Manager

Alex Mleczko                                       Account Manager

Matthew Kingston                               Senior Planner


Steve Rogers                                      Director, Revolver

Pip Smart                                             Executive Producer, Revolver

Peter James                                        DOP

Steven Jones Evans                           Production Designer

Alexandre de Franceschi                   Editor

Ben Eagleton                                       Colourist

Soren Dyne                                         Online Artist

The Editors                                          Post Production Company

Cezary Skubiszewski                         Music Composer, C-Zee Music

Paul LeCouteur                                    Sound Engineer, Flagstaff Studios


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