MiQ Australia Announces New Partnerships & Strategies Ahead Of Cookieless Era

MiQ Australia Announces New Partnerships & Strategies Ahead Of Cookieless Era
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Programmatic media partner for agencies and brands, MiQ Australia, has today announced a tranche of new capabilities squarely aimed at enabling its advertising clients to thrive in a post-cookie era.

“MiQ’s focus is always at the leading edge of what’s possible,” said MiQ APAC operations officer, Damien Healy (featured image).

“MiQ Australia is already running more than 50 per cent of our media without the support of cookies and we continue to push towards a future where this is 100 per cent.”

MiQ’s global product teams have developed an ‘identity spine’ that allows MiQ Australia’s clients to mix, match, and leverage the huge array of different identifiers that will exist in the programmatic ecosystem.

This will  help to connect both media targeting and deep analytics across different browsers, set top boxes, smart TVs, mobile devices, emerging cookie alternatives, DSPs, first party data, walled gardens, and the open internet.

“Being able to recognise and leverage a multitude of IDs, in a privacy-first manner, across a range of platforms and environments is a key foundation to marketing success in programmatic,” said Healy.

“I’m thankful to our global organisation for their heavy lifting to make this happen.”

In Australia, MiQ is layering on additional capabilities and focusing on some that need no identifiers at all.

Firstly, MiQ Australia has entered a multi-year strategic partnership with LiveRamp, a company which provides the ability to on-board CRM information into the programmatic ecosystem in a privacy-safe way.

This can be mapped to cookies and mobile IDs for media targeting and, crucially, into LiveRamp’s leading post-cookie capability called ‘RampID’.

MiQ Australia has also partnered with New York based, global company, Similarweb, who specialise in building deep insights about the web, at scale.

The key benefit for MiQ’s clients is that it enables rich contextual advertising recommendations from keywords and from known high performing websites.

“Similarweb’s data is incredibly useful when we’re looking for ways to drive value for clients without cookies,” Healy said.

“There’s no doubt that contextual advertising is here to stay and so we’ve woven Similarweb into the core of what we do.”

MiQ has also partnered with leading Australian firms to establish the MiQ Audience Panel, which is a nationally representative panel of 7000 people, with a roadmap to expand that beyond 15,000.

“MiQ Audience Panel is exciting because we’ve taken a mainstay of traditional advertising – the panel – and we’ve added many modern twists,” said Healy.

“This panel is purpose built for seamless programmatic activation and we’ve put a huge focus on advanced TV intelligence. It gives us the ability to blend traditional and programmatic at scale, and to continue our path away from cookies.”

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