Meltwater Launches Custom Data Visualisation & Command Centre Solution

Meltwater Launches Custom Data Visualisation & Command Centre Solution

Macquarie University is the first Australian organisation to deploy Meltwater’s industry-first custom data visualisation and Command Centre offering.

Meltwater’s custom solution allows an organisation to pull all its data into one branded centralised visual hub in real time, delivering actionable business insights. Organisations can combine analysis of paid, earned, and owned performance across news and social media, as well as integrate data from paid advertising campaigns, website analytics, and data from marketing automation and CRM platforms.

Internationally, Macy’s, Asana and Kia have deployed Meltwater’s custom solutions, taking advantage of the all-in-one communications and marketing solution to unlock the value of data.

Macquarie University’s custom solution dashboard integrates data from Meltwater with its own research citation data, internal communications reporting and owned social media analytics. The data can be further refined by faculty or geography delivering a single source of truth for all in the external communications team.

Elizabeth Horbach, chief marketing officer at Macquarie University commented, “Thanks to our collaboration with Meltwater, we are one of the first tertiary institutions worldwide to have a communications dashboard capable of providing our team and executive committees with an extraordinary level of centralised data and insights. Being able to track all our external communications into a single source of truth has delivered immense value to the organisation and positions us with a clear view of the University’s reputation and the key drivers behind it.”

Georgina Bitcon (main photo), enterprise director at Meltwater said, “Global communications and marketing departments face a common challenge of managing different measurement methods across different departments. Meltwater’s custom solution displays allow organisations to integrate an agreed set of methods to help them uncover the ‘what, why and where’ of emerging trends impacting their business, benchmark against competitors and to understand their key business drivers better”.

Custom solutions developed by the Meltwater Enterprise Solutions team, enable organisations to connect Meltwater’s data with their own insights, unifying the multiple sources of data and metrics to create a single and complete visual dashboard on the performance of brands, products and people. As Meltwater continues its drive to grow the premium market segment, custom and enterprise solutions will become increasingly important.


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