Meblourne-Based Wine Alternative NON Sees International Growth Spurt In Just 3 Months

Meblourne-Based Wine Alternative NON Sees International Growth Spurt In Just 3 Months
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Australia’s hospitality industry is at a standstill, yet demand for NON has significantly increased overseas, with their 0.0 per cent ABV wine alternatives proving to be a hit.

In the past 3 months, NON’s international distribution has tripled to 9 countries and a new NONLab production facility six times larger than their current space is on the way.

Since June 2021, NON has secured distribution in New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and the USA. These new markets join Japan and Singapore who have distributed NON since 2020. 

As the rest of the world opens up, NON is available in over 500 of the best bars & restaurants across the Australia-Pacific region. Huge strides are being made in the USA with new customers signing on every day, especially in the culinary capitals of LA & New York.

“It’s been a bittersweet rollercoaster of a year at NON so far,” said NON’s founder, Aaron Trotman.

We have seen the Australian hospitality industry grind to an almost standstill while the rest of the world goes back to normal. The international appetite for non-alc options is accelerating even faster than at home and it made sense to tap into that opportunity.”

NON has completely turned away from traditional non-alc manufacturing processes. Their research & development team has reverse-engineered a unique production line that fuses techniques from the culinary and viticulture worlds. Production is projected to double again in FY22, as distribution in the USA grows.

Despite lockdown challenges in Australia, the global thirst for NON has spurred the team to sign a lease for a new NONLab in Cheltenham, which is more than six times larger than their current Moorabbin facility. 

Sights are set on making NON available in Europe in 2022, with the new facility able to scale up to fifty times NON’s current output.

“NON is all about building flavour from the ground up, using techniques and ingredients from the world of gastronomy. We are proud of Australia’s epic culinary reputation and are stoked that people all over the world appreciate our complete redefinition of non-alc,” said Trotman.

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