Melbourne Anti-LGBTI Poster Calling To “Stop The Fags” Draws Widespread Criticism

Melbourne Anti-LGBTI Poster Calling To “Stop The Fags” Draws Widespread Criticism

An anti-LGBTI poster that appeared in a Melbourne street has been condemned by same-sex marriage advocates as well as Victoria’s human rights commissioner.

The poster, which was spotted in Heffernan Lane and shared on Twitter, bears the slogan “Stop the fags”, and includes claims that “92 per cent of children raised by gay parents are abused. 51 per cent have depression. 72 per cent are obese”, which are credited to US priest Donald Paul Sullins.

The campaign is one of many that have appeared recently ahead of the national postal vote on same-sex marriage to be held from 12 September to 7 November.

Federal Opposition leader Bill Shorten was one of many who condemned the poster via Twitter.

Victorian Human Rights Commissioner Kristen Hilton told ABC News the poster was deeply offensive and inaccurate.

“It looks like [this type of message] is set to continue, and I think that’s a really disturbing trend,” she said.

“I think that people need to call that out and condemn this type of material.

“Yes, people are entitled to have different views, but in a debate like this, it’s really important to convey those views respectfully.”

Shelley Argent, national spokeswoman for Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, said the poster would be “pretty distressing” for LGBTI people.

“For young people who are in the process of coming out, or for children who may have same-sex parents, it is just awful,” she told ABC News.

The poster has since been removed and replaced by the below:

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