Meet The Women Leading Tech: Murdoch University Lecturer Janene Sproul

Meet The Women Leading Tech: Murdoch University Lecturer Janene Sproul

Were you sad to see our Women Leading Tech awards postponed until September? So were we. But rather than going quiet, we’re introducing you to all of our fantastic finalists as part of the Meet The Women Leading Tech series.

With Australian educators being forced to move the majority of all learning online virtually overnight, there is still a lot to be learned regarding the effectiveness and nuances of online education. 

However, prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Murdoch University lecturer Janene Sproul spent time assessing the educational use of digital media for high school students.

Specifically, Sproul wanted to see how students with a heightened sensitivity to visual light due to concussion, migraine and other neurological conditions can be adversely affected by elements of digital media use. 

The term ‘visual light hypersensitivity’ (VLH) was coined at the suggestion of a neurologist.

By analysing a small sample of high school students, Sproul’s research highlighted how the integration of digital media into classrooms has outpaced the school integration of equitable access for students with VLH.

Students with VLH took significantly longer to complete required educational tasks using digital media than without digital media.

Such research raises the point of universal design accommodations, which Sproul has identified as a way to equal the playing field for students. 

Benefits included increased attention to learning task, decreased pain and decreased absenteeism. 

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