Media Needs More Risk Taking Because No One Knows What Works: Chrissie Swan

Media Needs More Risk Taking Because No One Knows What Works: Chrissie Swan

TV and radio personality Chrissie Swan says media outlets need to take more risks with their content because audiences are fast becoming tired of the “same old same old”.

Swan, talking to B&T prior to the announcement of her new TV show Long Lost Family on Ten, singled out the Ten Network for trying new things and not just rehashing the tried and tested.

“I don’t think anybody knows 100 per cent what works in media and what doesn’t these days,” Swan said of what makes a successful program.

“But hats off to Ten, their shows have really worked this year. I think people don’t give Ten enough credit for taking risks, they’re not just recycling everything we’ve seen before.

“Take Spelling Bee, that was hugely successful and had never been done anywhere in the world before and that’s exciting to me.

“Audiences get fatigued with the same old same old and that’s the key – mix it up,” she said.

Swan will join co-hosts Sam Pang and Jonathan Brown on Nova breakfast in Melbourne in the new year but disagrees that seasoned presenters mean the Millennials are turning off traditional radio.

Rather, Swan said, it’s harder for young announcers to get a break in radio because you need runs on the board and time to develop your skills as a presenter.

“(When it comes to radio) I think audiences do like familiarity too, so in that way I think its actually harder for younger people to get a start on-air,” she said.

Not that Swan – a former advertising copywriter – has advice for budding stars wanting to follow her footsteps into a TV and radio career.

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