Mecca Highlights Female Reporters & Content Creators With Missing Perspectives

Mecca Highlights Female Reporters & Content Creators With Missing Perspectives
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Beauty company MECCA has partnered with Missing Perspectives to drive social change through the voices of young female reporters and content creators.

MECCA has collaborated with Missing Perspectives, a media company and newsroom that platforms some of the world’s best young female reporters and content creators, to curate empowering content for its social impact platform MECCA M-POWER.

Missing Perspectives was established by Phoebe Saintilan-Stocks in 2021 to address the underrepresentation of young female reporters in the news industry and the lack of coverage of issues facing young women worldwide.

Together with editor-in-chief Hannah Diviney, they created a global network of diverse young female reporters and content creators to report on the issues and topics that impacted them the most – and it’s clearly resonating. With recent events such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup making headlines, Missing Perspectives’ content reaches over 1 million people in a single month, showcasing its engagement across 120+ countries.

As a result of this incredible impact, MECCA collaborated with missing perspectives to curate over 50 pieces of empowering content, including reporting, opinion pieces and social content to feature on MECCA M-POWER – MECCA’s social change initiative, which aims to improve opportunities for women and girls through education; empower their participation in the economy and public life; and enhance their health, safety and wellbeing.

Content ranges from conversations around issues like positive masculinity, reflections on being a young woman on the climate change frontline, op-eds from Editor-in-Chief Hannah Diviney and interviews with trailblazing women and creators from over 15+ countries.

“The media is such an important and yet often abused tool of influence in our society. Raising the voices of women, and especially young women, in journalism is critical to ensuring that the news we receive is balanced and actually representative of society as a whole. Missing perspectives has built an incredible network of young journalists, all of them with real world experience and real stories to share. We are thrilled to be able to hand them a microphone,” executive director of MECCA M-POWER Lisa Keenan said.

Missing Perspectives Founder, Phoebe Saintilan-Stocks said that the values-driven partnership was truly aligned to their mission and purpose.

“Our purpose is to provide a voice for young women around the world, so partnering with impact-driven brands such as MECCA really helps us to utilise our network of young female reporters and content creators to drive meaningful content and ultimately, social change. Our mission is simple – to ensure that young women are heard loud and clear to positively influence change and achieve equality and opportunity – all values at the core of M-POWER. We’re so excited to be collaborating with MECCA towards this mission”.

The partnership with MECCA is part of a series of initiatives to be announced by missing perspectives, focused on meaningful partnerships with brands that resonate with young women and also speak to the media company’s growing – and highly engaged – young female audience. Since its launch in 2021, the platform has attracted the attention of Reese Witherspoon and her company hello sunshine, with strategic discussions currently taking place with investors across Australia and the United States.

This month, the team is also launching its missing perspectives directory – a first-of-its-kind SaaS product connecting newsrooms, brands and media enterprises with young female reporters and content creators.

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