LEGO Mocks Elon Musk With Hilarious “Shatterproof” Truck

LEGO Mocks Elon Musk With Hilarious “Shatterproof” Truck

It’s the truck that’s got everyone talking.

Tesla’s highly-anticipated Cybertruck was launched last Friday and according to company CEO Elon Musk, has already received around 250,000 preorders.

And while the Cybertruck promises to give drivers a super-powerful, all-electric, battery-powered vehicle, it is now most famous for a disastrous launch event.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Musk asked the company’s design chief Franz Von Halzhausen to test the strength of the vehicle’s ‘armour glass’ windows by throwing a metal ball at it.

Hilariously, not one but two windows shattered during the onstage fail.

While Musk initially laughed off the disaster – which caused company share prices to plummet – the joke has continued across social media in recent days.

Additionally, the truck’s distinct shape and futuristic style have been a source of amusement for a number of social media users.

But perhaps the best response has come from toy company LEGO, which had a not-so-subtle dig at Tesla when promoting its very own truck.

“The evolution of the truck is here. Guaranteed shatterproof,” LEGO said in the cheeky social media posts.

And according to CNET, the joke is actually first appeared on LEGO’s Australian Facebook page.

“That is most cold-blooded tweet I have ever seen,” one user responded to the Twitter post.

But users were quick to point out that despite being ‘shatterproof’, LEGO’s toy truck carries hazzards of its own.

“Can hurt your feet,” said one person. “Just don’t tread on it,” said another.


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