A Kylie Jenner Snapchat Can Boost A Song’s Popularity By 194,00%

A Kylie Jenner Snapchat Can Boost A Song’s Popularity By 194,00%

Music lyrics website Genius has done some research into the effect of having music featuring on a Snapchat Story by Kylie Jenner.

Turns out having a snippet of a tune on the youngest Jenner’s Snapchat can cause of gigantic increase in popularity and searches for the song. Genius dubbed the effect The Kylie Bump’: How much a song’s Genius views increased after appearing on Jenner’s Snapchat by averaging the views the week prior and week of her post.

For an Egyptian-Canadian R&B artist Ramriddlz, a video of Jenner singing along to his EP track ‘Hey Mr. RamRod’  led to a 39 per cent boost in Google searches and the track was viewed on Genius an average of almost 300 times a day that same week – a 194,00 per cent increase.

***Note: You can’t save a Snapchat Story, but the videos have been saved and uploaded to an Instagram account.

G FrSH, “Panic Cord”

Date: January 4
The Kylie Bump: 319 per cent

The year started off with G FrSH’s “Panic Cord,” the HUCCI-produced single that was released back in 2014. Jenner had originally sung along to the British rapper’s—who is signed to Tinie Tempah’s Disturbing London Records—tune in July 2015, peaking in popularity on Google Trends that same month and averaging over 400 views a day on Genius in the week of her posting it.

Belly, “No Option”

Date: January 5
The Kylie Bump: 8 per cent

Canadian rapper Belly, who is currently signed to The Weeknd’s XO label, has been releasing projects for at least a decade, but is still on the “come-up.” Jenner included his November 2015 single “No Option” on Snapchat in early January. His YouTube views for the video, which is off of his latest album Up For Days, gradually increased since then, rising from around 200,000 views to 1.2 million in a year’s time. Jenner’s Snap slightly nudged the song’s views on Genius—averaging around 75 views a day that week.

Ramriddlz, “Bodmon”

Date: January 16
The Kylie Bump: 299 per cent

One of two Ramriddlz songs that Jenner featured on Snapchat in 2016, “Bodmon” first hit Soundcloud in December 2015. After its inclusion in one of Jenner’s videos, searches for the tune made it jump from four to 15 per cent popularity in the following week according to Google Trends. The 21-year-old Mississauga native rose to fame after his song “Sweeterman” was remixed by Drake. The song’s views on Genius quadrupled in the week following Jenner’s Snap.

Mickey Shiloh, “Drunk On The Mic”

Date: January 17
The Kylie Bump: 28,000 per cent

Sultry singer-songwriter Mickey Shiloh has credits writing for Janet Jackson at just 24 years old, a testament to her skills with the pen. She previously explained that her song “Drunk on the Mic” got passed to Jenner through Justine Skye after Roc Nation hit Shiloh up to craft a song for her. Once Jenner lip-synced to “Drunk” on the platform, she surged from seven to 100 per cent popularity on Google Trends and emerged on Genius’ charts that same week.

Ramriddlz, “Hey Mr. RamRod”

Date: January 24
The Kylie Bump: 194,200 per cent

Ramriddlz made an appearance on Jenner’s Snapchat earlier in January with “Bodmon,” followed by another cut off of his EP Venis titled “Hey Mr. Ramrod” later that month. On Google Trends, searches for the act’s name leapt from 15 to 54 per cent in popularity following the latter’s playing on Jenner’s story and was viewed on Genius an average of almost 300 times a day that week.

Blackbear, “Different Hos”

Date: January 25
The Kylie Bump: 345 per cent

Singer/rapper Blackbear had a marginally successful 2016, which set off with Jenner pantomiming the lyrics to his single “Different Hos,” which he initially posted to Soundcloud in October 2015. Since then, the tune has 3.1 million views amid a standout year that included opening for Tinashe and working with musicians like ​gnash and Ro James. He’s no stranger to the industry, though—the LA-based producer and singer-songwriter is most popularly known for co-writing Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend (Remix)” in 2012. “Different Hos” clocked in almost 1,500 views in the week following Jenner’s Snap.

MadeinTYO, “Uber Everywhere”

Date: January 28
The Kylie Bump: 345 per cent

Kylie Jenner’s bee-stung lips get a shout out in Madeintoyo’s “Uber Everywhere,” his debut single, and she returned the favor by giving it a look on Snapchat at the top of the year. Since then, it’s drummed up over 49 million views on YouTube, earned platinum certification and peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart—all thanks, in part, to Jenner. The song was already averaging 1,100 views on Genius before her Snap but rose to close to 5,000 daily views after.

DonMonique, “Pilates (Kendall, Kylie, Miley)”

Date: February 13
The Kylie Bump: 13,350 per cent

Jenner got her own theme song by way of Brooklyn MC DonMonique, who used Jenner’s namesake as a codename for drugs in the trap anthem “Pilates (Kendall, Kylie, Miley).” Though it was a simmering hit since its release two years ago, it got pickup following Jenner listening to the track in mid-February: in the months after, the official video’s view count more than doubled to close to 500,000 and was viewed over 6,000 times on Genius that week.

Wafia, “Heartburn”

Date: February 21
The Kylie Bump: 232 per cent

Wafia, signed to Australian imprint Future Classic (also home to Flume and Flight Facilities), saw her single “Heartburn,” which first hit Soundcloud in October 2015, get some Snapchat shine in February. It’s currently sitting at 2.22 million views. She released her second EP, (m)edian, in August, and did an NPR Tiny Desk performance with label mate Ta-ku in December. It was viewed over 300 times daily on Genius the following week.

Harry Hudson, “Stop”

Date: March 19
The Kylie Bump: 15,333 per cent

The true MVP of Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat is Harry Hudson, the lanky goofball who hangs out with Jenner in many of her Snaps (he co-starred with Kim Kardashian in a movie-like series of Snaps earlier in the year). He’s also a musician in his own right, and Jenner gave him some Snapchat love in March for “Stop,” which had been released three days prior. It now stands at 106,000 plays on Soundcloud and 86,000 views on YouTube. Plus, it was viewed closed to 2,000 times on Genius the week she posted to Snap.

YOG$, “Kylie Jenner”

Date: March 20
The Kylie Bump: 398 per cent

In addition to DonMonique using Kylie’s namesake for a song, Yog$ followed suit with “Kylie Jenner,” which he posted to Soundcloud and YouTube in February 2015. But it got a push when Jenner mouthed the words in a video—Google Trends shows that his popularity spiked from 19 to 100 per cent the week it was featured in her Snap. On Genius, the song’s views nearly quadrupled the week Jenner included it on her Snap.

Ella Mai “No Rush”

Date: April 24
The Kylie Bump: 2 per cent

Ella Mai is still on the come-up, and got a marquee co-sign from DJ Mustard after signing to his 10 Summers imprint to release her debut EP Time in February. The London native’s “No Rush” made its way to Jenner’s Snapchat a few months later, setting it on a course to go from a couple hundred thousand views on YouTube to 1.65 million, where it currently stands.

NAV, “Myself”

Date: April 11
The Kylie Bump: 309 per cent

Toronto rapper/producer Nav (a.k.a. Beats By Nav) is rumored to be part of Weeknd’s XO roster and gained notoriety after his feature on Travis Scott’s “beibs in the trap.” However, his song “Myself” was very slowly gaining speed on YouTube back in spring 2016 until it was featured on Jenner’s Snapchat. In the following time, it started to soar, going on to rack up 9.4 million views by the end of the year. The song was viewed close to 40,000 times on Genius in the week following her Snap story.

Russ, “Losin Control”

Date: May 3
The Kylie Bump: 11 per cent

Jenner was early to the Russ party. The rapper spent all of 2016 putting out a song to Soundcloud every week, gradually building momentum before signing with Columbia Records. “Losin Control” tied Khalid’s “Location” for getting the most burn in Jenner’s Snapchat; its official video had around two million views when she first used it in her story, and it went on to sweep past 12.5 million through the end of the year.

Khalid, “Location”

Date: May 27
The Kylie Bump: 2690 per cent

King Kylie first listened to Khalid’s “Location” while driving in the canyon on May 27, and continued to let it rock on her Snapchat four additional times throughout the year. “[Kylie Jenner] was a special moment,” the El Paso singer told The City Magazine in October. “After that, [the song] skyrocketed.” On Genius, the song rose from around 10 views a day to averaging close to 270 in the week following her Snap.

Russ “Pull The Trigger”

Date: May 30
The Kylie Bump: 232 per cent

The second of Russ‘ singles to appear on Jenner’s Snapchat, “Pull the Trigger” had about seven million listens on YouTube before she got to it. The song’s views on Genius nearly tripled in the following week. Over the next two months, it gained some steam and has since notched up to 23.4 million clicks, as well as 12.1 million spins on Soundcloud.


Date: June 27
The Kylie Bump: 280 per cent

6LACK’s “PRBLMS” got a bump from Jenner after she played it twice on her Snapchat in 2016—the first on June 27 and the second four weeks later. “PRBLMS” was only at 17 per cent popularity on Google Trends when she first lip-synced to it in a selfie video Snap, and reached 100 per cent in mid-November. “PRBLMS” clocked in 17,500 views in the week following. The Atlanta singer’s debut album is set to release via Interscope/LVRN in 2017.

070 Shake feat. PHI, “Sunday Night”

Date: July 14
The Kylie Bump: 4 per cent

North Bergen, NJ native 070 Shake gained quite a bit of buzz in 2016; she’s managed by social influencer YesJulz and there’s been quite a few rumors she signed to G.O.O.D. Music. In the tradition of gravitating towards trap-inspired R&B singers like PARTYNEXTDOOR and Bryson Tiller, Jenner gave Shake a push by filming herself listening to “Sunday Night” as she zipped through Los Angeles. It went on to accrue 1.29 million listens on Soundcloud, where it was posted in December 2015, and saw a slight increase in views on Genius.

Aminé, “Caroline”

Date: August 27
The Kylie Bump: 8 per cent

Amine’s “Caroline” came as a late bloomer in terms of growing to cultural ubiquity in 2016. Released in March, the song first hit Jenner’s Snapchat during a makeup tutorial in August, just as it was starting to pick up steam on Google Trends where it hovered at 34 per cent popularity. It would later go on to hit reach 65 million views on YouTube, peak at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 at year’s end and inevitably top at 100 per cent popularity in Google Trends searches in mid-November. It picked up a slight bump on Genius, too, averaging 500 more views a day the following week.

Pia Mia, “We Should Be Together”

Date: December 19
The Kylie Bump: 330 per cent

Jenner and Pia Mia have been longtime friends, so it comes as no surprise that the latter’s newest single “We Should Belong Together” would make an appearance on her Snapchat. On Genius, the song was viewed over 2,500 times that same week. As one of the lead songs off her upcoming debut full-length, arriving in 2017, “Together” had only crossed the 500,000 views mark on YouTube when it made a Snapchat cameo; it now stands at 1.8 million views.

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