The Daily Mail reported, Sandilands said: “I’ve been asked and knocked it back every year.”

Sandiland’s then disclosed the exact figure Network 10 tried to entice him with, “One million dollars, they didn’t start off at a million, they like really wanted me. This was a while ago. I said no.”

While the number sounds huge! 10 hasn’t been afraid of investing in getting top talent for it’s summer show. It was rumoured that Shane Warne was given a cool million to appear on the show and that he even had a clause in his contract that allowed him to still have cheeky smoke – goals.

While 10 never confirmed the amount, Alex Mavroidakis, who served as executive producer for production company ITV on I’m A Celeb, told The Daily Telegraph: “Shane Warne wasn’t a waste of money because series one was on the cusp.

“It just about did enough for people to be talking about it (but) it needed a prestige name for series two to drag people back into the format.”

Of course, Sandiland’s is no stranger to Network 10, who could forget Trial By Kyle? and considering the world still seems to be in pandemic turmoil the idea of the shock jock being cast on a feel-good show – well that does sound like television magic.

Sadly though Sandilands seems to be staying firmly behind the mic.

Although perhaps next year he’ll reconsider, considering the managing director of Europe’s largest online jeweller, 77 Diamonds, Tobias Kormind told The Daily Mail, that the ring Sandiland’s got his fiance is, “Worth over $1.14million for a decent quality diamond” 

A Network 10 spokesperson, told B&T,  “We don’t comment on salaries. But we can say that if the celebrities knew what they were in for, they probably would have asked for an extra zero.”

Here at B&T, we’d like to make it clear to channel 10 – we’d do pretty much anything for a million bucks.