A KFC In The NT Is Shooting For A Michelin Star

A KFC In The NT Is Shooting For A Michelin Star

Regular B&T readers know our affinity for a KFC story and today, we’re bringing you one that’s unbelievably good – with emphasis on the unbelievable.

A KFC franchisee in Alice Springs is on a mission to secure his restaurant a Michelin Star. And, while B&T would never be one to crush anyone’s dreams, let’s just say we wouldn’t place any money on him achieving his lofty goal.

The Michelin Star rating system is used to grade some of the world’s best restaurants. While many associate the title with high-end and incredibly pricey restaurants, the reality is, to earn a star you only need to serve up a good plate of grub.

Take Singapore’s Hawker Chen, for example. A casual dine-in offshoot located meters away from his Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre-based stall in Singapore, it’s touted as the world’s cheapest Michelin Star restaurant.

Edelman told NT News that his KFC chain meets the criteria needed to earn itself a Star.

He said: “We have great food, cook it fresh on the premises.

“In Alice Springs we have a unique position where people literally come from hundreds of kilometres for food, sometimes just for KFC. It puts us in a position where we also meet the criteria of worth a detour that they have.”

Anonymous Michelin food inspectors judge a restaurant based on five-assessment criteria, including: using quality products, the mastery of flavour and cooking techniques, the personality of the chef in the cuisine, value for money, and consistency of food.

Edelman added:“We do have a secret recipe, we do have a method of cooking that was developed by the Colonel, so it’s really not that far-fetched.

“Worst case is I don’t get anything, best case is a Michelin Star, middle case, I get Michelin to come to Australia because we have some amazing restaurants here, on top of my KFC.”

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