Journos Reportedly Banned From My Kitchen Rules Launch Party For Being Anti-Paleo!

Journos Reportedly Banned From My Kitchen Rules Launch Party For Being Anti-Paleo!

It may be the most watched show on free-to-air telly, but the 2017 version of My Kitchen Rules is already causing a stink without an episode yet to be aired.

The 2017 season is due to kick-off next week with a launch party in a swanky Sydney restaurant this Thursday. However, media reports have suggested the show’s star, Pete Evans, has vetted the party guest list cancelling invites to journalists who’d given the show negative press or, heaven forbid, been horrible about Pete’s famed paleo diet.

News Corp websites have reported that a journalist from Woman’s Day and NW have had their invites torn up, and one from News’ The Sunday Telegraph. Evan’s reportedly took particular exception to a report in Woman’s Day that suggested he never ate the food on MKR, preferring to discretely spit it out once the cameras had stopped rolling.

B&T requested an interview with Evans and his co-host Manu Fieldel, however, our requests have gone unanswered by Channel Seven publicity.

Channel Seven has rubbished the party invite claims telling News: “Pete does not make any decisions in regards to who is given access to MKR … that is a decision made by the publicity department. And we would never refuse access to anyone because obviously we are grateful of all publicity.”

And it would appear the journos at Woman’s Day can’t let it go. This week’s edition has claimed that Evans and Fieldel can’t stand the sight of one another.

The magazine article is light on detail regarding the source of the friction and quotes a “source who allegedly told the magazine” that the two refuse to travel with one another.

The source reportedly said: “In December they travelled to Perth and onto Broome, and on both the inbound and outbound flight they travelled separately.” It also reported the two “have nothing in common” and Fieldel thinks Evans is “stranger than strange”. And it’s nastiness like that that gets your invite torn up, isn’t it?

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