“It’s Not My Ambition To Be On Billboards!” Meet Jack Post, Australian Radio’s Secret Ingredient

“It’s Not My Ambition To Be On Billboards!” Meet Jack Post, Australian Radio’s Secret Ingredient

Jack Post is having a very successful and productive 2021. He just signed a long term deal with Hamish & Andy and he has also just inked a four year deal with ARN for his role on The Christian O’Connell Show.

While some of us may have devoted our year to learning DIY or TikTok dances, Post has been kicking some huge career milestones, although he has also succumbed to joining TikTok. Post explained. “I kinda hate it, I like five per cent of it, but I just didn’t wanna miss the boat.”

Like many creatives, and let’s face it, pretty much everyone, Post struggles with how much energy he should put into social media. “It’s a balance that’s a tricky one, you can acknowledge it’s good to keep your profile on there, but also as a creative, you don’t want to feel like you are just doing this to get numbers on social media.”

Post is someone that is constantly creating, from his own podcast, The Jacky Road Studies, to his role on the Hamish & Andy podcast to his radio job on The Christian O’Connell Show. Post is seemingly everywhere, yet he holds no grand ambitions to have his own radio shows, “Maybe one day?“ and he doesn’t define himself as a particularly ambitious person, “It’s not my ambition to be on billboards,” instead he is just someone that really enjoys his work.

It is almost surprising that Post has yet to be given his own show because it’s undeniable he seems to be a key ingredient in making other shows a success. He even found a way to add something special to the iconic Hamish & Andy dynamic.

Speaking of, Post just re-signed with Hamish & Andy and is understandably stoked to be working with them, but he is also comfortable in their longstanding working relationship. “I’m never surprised they keep going, this is the 12th year I’ve worked with them.

“I would be way more surprised to get a phone call to say we weren’t going around again.”

This deal follows the shows recently announced resigning of H&A to SCA’s LiSTNR.

Despite his success, (he did infiltrate one of the most famous radio duos of all time), Post feels like he is still learning. “Even though I’ve reached my 30s, I still feel like a junior at it.”

However, Post is quick to explain that while he doesn’t have goals to become a celebrity, he does always hope to be working in radio. “Nothing beats live, there’s something about the live element, doing live radio. Even when we were doing television projects with Hamish and Andy, for me I’ve always loved live radio.

“What makes the podcast fun and easy, is that nobody is watching you or looking over your shoulder. When you are at a radio station you have a lot of people interested in the show to do well, clients and ads and different stuff management wants you to do push into the show.

“With the podcast, you are like a band of pirates, no one ever sticks their head in telling you what to do.” 

And yet, despite the potential for more creative control podcasting, Post still finds himself drawn to the tumultuous world of radio. “I love that you create something and then you get to execute it, pretty much straight away.

“On the Hamish & Andy podcast, you can just slip into your character, whereas Christian encourages you to be more vulnerable.

“Christian is such a good on-air teammate, I’ve learned so much from him, I see him as a mentor figure.”

Post while thrilled about the ARN deal he just signed, wasn’t surprised. The Christian O’Connell Show has become the #1 FM Breakfast lineup in the competitive Melbourne market. O’Connell and Post’s chemistry is an integral part of the success. “I know when the deal came up with ARN, I was in a good spot, I knew Christian likes working with me, so I felt confident.” 

While Post hopes to stay in radio, he doesn’t have any plans to follow in the footsteps of those before him it’s, “A polite no to being the next Alan Jones.”

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