Isentia Announces New Culturally And Linguistically Diverse Media Monitoring Service

Isentia Announces New Culturally And Linguistically Diverse Media Monitoring Service

Isentia has today announced its Culturally And Linguistically Diverse (CALD) media monitoring service, to expand coverage to non-English publications across the country.

The new service monitors foreign language publications across Australia and provides editorially curated article summaries in English, together with links to the pdf of the original article. The new service covers eight languages; Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Punjabi, and Filipino, and will be available from July 1st to Australian organisations.

Australia is a linguistically and culturally diverse country. According to the Census data, there are more than 300 languages spoken in Australian homes. More than 21 per cent of Australians speak a language other than English at home. The new CALD media monitoring service expands Isentia’s coverage, allowing customers to explore topics of importance for multicultural communities across the country.

Isentia chief commercial officer Russ Horell  commented: “By introducing new CALD services, we are delivering on our promise to continually provide the greatest breadth and depth of coverage.

“We are excited to be the first media intelligence company in Australia to offer this kind of service. It reflects our focus on customer-first innovation and our mission to cater to our customers’ evolving needs, making sure they have all their bases covered in terms of media monitoring, particularly in light of current economic and political conditions.”

Isentia’s new CALD service is of particular interest to government agencies and businesses who are interested in accessing multi-lingual services within the community and monitoring media sentiment across various demographics.

Additionally, Isentia has broadened its broadcast monitoring service to include live news streaming services by partnering with Ticker TV and ausbiz. Through these partnerships, Isentia will soon be able to offer additional content and media intelligence across these live streaming services which are becoming critical news sources for organisations.

Isentia chief operations officer Tom Gerstmyer commented: “We are committed to continually expand our coverage. The addition of CALD media, along with ausbiz and Ticker TV represents our ongoing, strategic commitment to expanding our media coverage and data sets.”


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