Will This Latest Stuff-Up Be The End For Zoo Weekly?

Will This Latest Stuff-Up Be The End For Zoo Weekly?

Another miserable attempt to be controversial by lad’s magazine Zoo Weekly may be the final straw for the perennially struggling title.

In its latest gaffe, the publisher, Bauer, has agreed to remove images from the latest issue that features a supposed homage to Gallipoli Diggers and features a bikini-clad model holding a commemorative poppy.

It is understood that the offending images have been removed from Zoo’s social media sites but, as yet, the magazine has not been removed from shelves.

The publisher promoted the issue as an Anzac commemorative issue but as Woolworths recently found out in its bungled “fresh in our memories” promo, the word Anzac cannot be used without the expressed permission of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the title did not get the relevant approvals.

The latest faux pas is yet another in a long history for the title which appears to prefer controversy to quality editorial in its attempt to shift magazines.

In the latest ABCs Zoo Weekly recorded some 24,122 readers – a figure most believe is unsustainable for the weekly magazine. The title must now clearly be in the sites of publisher Bauer who, in recent times, has flagged that titles must have a strong digital component too. Zoo is without a website.

In fact, the title hasn’t really resonated with audiences since it launched in 2006 and it’s believed only some sort of license arrangement with the UK parent is the only thing keeping the title going.

Readers of the title clearly weren’t happy with the decision to trivialise Anzac Day commemorations in such a tacky way, taking to Facebook to air their grievances.

“Sweet merciful jesus what idiotic editorial director possibly thought this was a good idea,” said one. “Disgusting” penned another, while a number urged people to boycott the magazine.

At the time of writing Bauer had not issued comment on the indiscretion nor was any mention of the offending cover made on its website.

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