IPG’s Kinesso Launches Addressable Activation Solutions Matterkind, Retires Cadreon

IPG’s Kinesso Launches Addressable Activation Solutions Matterkind, Retires Cadreon

Kinesso, the media and marketing technology unit of Interpublic Group, announced today the creation of a new proposition and entity: Matterkind.

Matterkind offers an expanded and enhanced suite of addressable activation solutions and advisory services, taking a people-first and ethical approach to engaging audiences and driving meaningful real business outcomes both across and within channels.

The promise of Matterkind is the third step in a transformation that leverages the strategic data assets of Acxiom and the market leading technology applications of Kinesso to deliver an audience-centric set of addressable activation and management solutions across the media ecosystem. In leveraging Kinesso and Acxiom, Matterkind can drive results that are smarter, faster and more efficient. Matterkind subsumes the Cadreon brand and teams globally. 

Matterkind is a committed and uniquely resourced partner, leading the media world away from billions of opaque impressions to the right number of conscious connections through expertise and objectivity applied to the individual needs of the client; honest engagement of the most promising customers; invested partnership that fosters relationships built on lifetime value; all powered by best-in-class proprietary technology. Matterkind’s AI-fueled optimization engine centers on audience, irrespective of channels, which allows for only touchpoints that matter. This approach allows for Matterkind to deliver strategic efficiencies and effectiveness rather than media “savings” and proxy metrics. These solutions deliver up to 30% increased ROI for brands.

With the benefit of Acxiom’s proprietary and ethically sourced data, Matterkind strengthens connectivity between brands and their audiences, creating a more valuable relationship. These new solutions build upon Kinesso’s robust suite of applications, activating custom marketing solutions and High Value Audiences.

“Marketers use a broad range of tools to capture data about their customers and prospects. Clients are increasingly looking for solutions that unify this fragmented data to inform audience-first media activations across all addressable channels, in real-time. That’s what Matterkind can deliver,” said Philippe Krakowsky, Chief Operating Officer, IPG. “With Acxiom as our core data layer, Kinesso providing technology applications, and the new Matterkind offerings, agencies across the IPG portfolio will be able to deliver highly personalized media and creative messaging that results in significantly enhanced outcomes for our clients.” 

“The combination of data, insights and seamless activation allows brands to smash silos and increase efficiencies, engaging the right audiences and driving better business outcomes,” said Arun Kumar, Chief Data and Marketing Technology Officer, IPG and CEO, Kinesso. “By bringing together known and unknown personal data in an accountable and ethical manner, we significantly enhance the customer experience and create a more purposeful value exchange between brands and people. I’m excited and confident that Matterkind’s solutions will be the answer to the biggest challenges brands face today.”

“We are at an inflection point. There has never been a more important time to drive efficiency and effectiveness in marketing,” said Matterkind Global CEO Erica Schmidt. “We’re focused on the true potential of addressable activation and enabling growth opportunities on behalf of our clients.” 

“Matterkind offers clients a more cohesive and effective approach to their media investments,” said Matterkind Australia CEO, Clay Gill (main photo). “Using data, insights and cross channel activation, brands will be able to create meaningful experiences that are dynamic and measurable. Our investment in Data and Technology and the launch of a powerful set of new applications within our Marketing Intelligence Engine, ensures our clients have access to the most wide-ranging and effective addressable solutions to drive brand growth.” 

Matterkind is exceptionally flexible. It serves as a strategic partner to brands, leading their addressable activation efforts, and also creates custom technology to support in-house teams. Matterkind measures brand readiness through a new proprietary toolset called the Maturity Canvas, which determines where marketers are on the maturity curve from a data and technology standpoint. This includes Audience Hub, a new product which unifies all campaigns into a single source buying view, showing audience overlaps, establishing global frequency caps and eliminating cross-bidding.

“The industry is increasingly moving beyond traditional age and gender demographics to activate audiences using addressable technology and unique, audience-based insights,” said Kirk McDonald, chief business officer for Xandr. “Kinesso’s launch of Matterkind reaffirms our clients’ commitment to using data and addressable technology to help advertisers create and sustain growth, which perfectly aligns with Xandr’s purpose and differentiator as a company. We look forward to our continued work together to drive real results and outcomes for advertisers, but most importantly – innovate advertising experiences for consumers.”

As part of the launch, Matterkind has bolstered its leadership team and expanded its capabilities. Matterkind has also partnered with Acxiom to bring to market exclusive audience solutions that enable global brands to reap the full value of data-driven advertising. These joint solutions are already being tested across automotive, retail/ apparel, data-security and technology verticals, and are part of a larger suite of collaborative offerings rolling out this year.  

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