Forget Flat Packs, IKEA Now Making Robo-Furniture

Forget Flat Packs, IKEA Now Making Robo-Furniture

The future is here. You will soon be able to sleep on a transforming ‘robot’ designed to optimise small living areas.

Unveiled by Ikea, ‘ROGNAN’ contains a bed, desk, storage unit and pullout couch all controlled by a touchpad.

The idea is to use the contraption to divide a small room into two living spaces and saves an extra eight square metres.

Ikea says it is in response to “mass urbanisation”.

“Instead of making the furniture smaller, we transform the furniture to the function that you need at that time,” said Ikea product developer Seana Strawn.

“When you sleep, you do not need your sofa. When you use your wardrobe, you do not need your bed.”

ROGNAN is built in collaboration with American startup Ori Living, which makes a host of automated pocket closets, studio suites and beds.

It will first launch in Hong Kong and Japan next year.

There was no indication of how much the systems would cost, however similar models created by Ori Living start at $US18,990 ($AUD27,147).

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