Identica Introduces New Brand Identity For Waterford Crystal

Identica Introduces New Brand Identity For Waterford Crystal
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Irish luxury brand Waterford has unveiled a new visual look, courtesy of London-based design and branding agency Identica.

The rebrand sets out to highlight the traditions, craftsmanship and crystal cutting techniques that Waterford is renowned for around the world.

“The result is a visual identity that communicates a sense of modern elegance, whilst also celebrating the expertise and mastery associated with cutting crystal—a combination of style and skill that represents the very essence of Waterford,” Waterford said in a statement.

The new brand identity launches across Waterford digital and social channels from January 2021 and will be rolled out globally in physical retail spaces and across redesigned packaging on an ongoing basis.


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Commenting on the brief Richard Clayton, creative director at Identica, said: “The challenge was one that many established brands have faced—how to retain the narrative around a rich history, craftsmanship and heritage, but ensure that these values feel relevant, compelling and desirable for a younger audience.”

Clayton added that he was hugely inspired by walking around the Waterford workshop in Ireland, being in awe of how the craftsmen were shaping molten crystal by just using simple wooden paddles and how the crystal cutters manipulate crystal pieces over diamond cutting wheels, to create complex and delicate patterns.

“The new brand visual identity was born from these moments in the workshop, with the glowing amber of liquid crystal becoming one of the new brand colours and the intricate crystal cuts inspiring the shape and forms of the new logotype,” he said.

“Working with Waterford was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with a brand whose artisans transform raw materials into something unique and beautiful every day.”

Inspired by the brand’s Lismore cut, reflecting the architecture of Lismore Castle in County Waterford, Identica redesigned the logo and famous seahorse icon in recognition of Waterford’s heritage and craftsmanship.

The new logo uses the shapes of the Lismore cut to create a graphic identity rooted in craftsmanship.

The cross stems seen in the original capital letter W have been retained in the new logo, providing a subtle link to the past, but visualised through a modern typographical interpretation.

The seahorse icon has also been reimagined, complementing the new logo and representing a modern shorthand for the brand, as a contemporary mark of authenticity and heritage.

In addition, the new colour palette references the manufacturing process and original factory location in Waterford, close to the harbour—a deep shade of green, Fjord, is the dominant colour throughout the new identity and a bright molten orange is used as a highlight, as a representation of the elemental starting point of crystal production.

A new photographic approach has also been developed by the agency, designed to recontextualise classic collections and showcase new products in authentic settings.

The new visual style is a deliberate move away from traditional lifestyle imagery and positions Waterford as a luxury brand relevant for today’s contemporary lifestyles.

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