IAS Teams Up With dentsu For Programmatic Transparency

IAS Teams Up With dentsu For Programmatic Transparency

Integral Ad Science (IAS) and dentsu ANZ today announced a new partnership to make IAS’s popular Total Visibility product available to all of the agency’s local advertisers, providing industry-wide transparency into digital media quality and corresponding supply path costs.

Dentsu is the latest to partner with IAS, furthering its commitment to deliver a comprehensive set of programmatic transparency solutions for marketers who need their campaigns to be highly effective and cost-efficient. Dentsu will now be able to combine the power of IAS’s Quality Impressions metric, with programmatic cost and the supply path data to inform and optimise their programmatic buying strategies while also driving media cost efficiencies for their clients.

Angela Tangas, dentsu ANZ Chief Executive Officer, commented: “More than ever before, people want to know how their products are made, where they are sourced from, and whether ethical and equitable practices are used in the supply chain. Advertisers are no different. Increasingly clients want greater visibility on the full programmatic supply chain and to understand where their money is being invested end-to-end. We’re committed to driving trust and transparency across all our media and digital advertising practices. Partnering with the IAS, a market leader in digital ad verification, to offer our clients access to a tool like Total Visibility is an important step to building trust and credibility in our industry.”

“Programmatic advertising growth in Australia and New Zealand continues to surpass expectations, and with this partnership, we are bringing even greater transparency to dentsu’s programmatic buys, which is a win for advertisers across the region. With Total Visibility, dentsu ANZ can better understand the percentage of wasted media and the financial impact in real-time, enabling them to optimise client campaigns toward paths and publishers that deliver the highest quality media and cost efficiencies,” said Jessica Miles, Country Manager, IAS ANZ.

eMarketer estimates that advertisers will invest $2.4 billion into programmatic buying this year in Australia. Total Visibility has been proven to increase efficiency for advertisers’ programmatic media spend by optimising their investments toward the most impactful placements through the most cost-efficient supply path, delivering cost savings of up to 15 percent.

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