“I Still Mute Him!” Jessica Rowe On The Aftermath Of Her Feud With Eddie McGuire

“I Still Mute Him!” Jessica Rowe On The Aftermath Of Her Feud With Eddie McGuire

Television presenter Jessica Rowe has admitted on The Kyle and Jackie O Show that she still hasn’t forgiven media heavyweight Eddie McGuire. 

Rowe and McGuire famously fell out back in 2007, when it was leaked that McGuire, the then CEO of the Nine Network at the time, allegedly said he was going to “bone” Rowe from her role on The Today Show.

Rowe was on maternity leave at the time after undergoing IVF. 

The leak came after Rowe had already endured months of being slammed by the media for her role on The Today Show. 

McGuire has denied he ever used the word “bone” and instead claimed he said he was going to ‘burn’.

However, Crikey has reported that Mark Llewellyn, who also worked at Nine during that time, said: “He did not say ‘burn’

“Nor did Eddie use any other word that I may have misheard, like ‘let’s phone Jessica or ‘let’s get Jessica an ice cream cone or ‘I am thinking of getting a two-tone jacket for Jessica to wear on air’.  Eddie said what he said.”

Regardless of the wording, ultimately Rowe did lose her job, and her co-host Karl Stefanovic stayed on and has been with The Today Show ever since. 

Since the firing, Rowe has had a career resurgence becoming a fixture on Australian television screens, including co-hosting Ten’s Studio 10 and her latest podcast, The Jessica Rowe Big Talk Show – that is climbing the charts, it’s currently number 2 on Apple Podcasts.

However, Rowe admitted on The Kyle and Jackie O Show that she hasn’t forgiven McGuire. 

Rowe launched her new podcast last week by having Stefanovic on as a guest, who apologised to Rowe about their time together during The Today Show. Still, when Sandilands suggested Jessica Rowe have McGuire on her new podcast, to have a similar conversation, Rowe said: “No.”

Sandilands said: “You won’t put him on to apologise?”

Rowe said: “I don’t think he would.

“I wish him well in the sense that we have all moved on, but still, even though I was talking about letting go, we still mute him (McGuire) when he comes on (on Millionaire Hot Seat) before Pete’s (Overton) news.”

Sandilands then tried to ring McGuire, but McGuire did not pick up his phone. 

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