Hypetap Launches Amazon-Powered AI Tool

Hypetap Launches Amazon-Powered AI Tool

Influencer marketing provider Hypetap has integrated Amazon Rekognition, a deep learning-based image and video analysis tool, to create an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that helps brands connect with the most appropriate influencers.

The new Hypetap AI offering works behind the scenes to automatically identify objects, people, scenes, and activities in social media content, which is used to find, vet and shortlist potential influencers for brand campaigns using Hypetap.

The tool can search for influencers based on specific objects posted in social posts like ‘wine’, ‘bike’, or ‘mountain’ to broaden the potential talent pool and find influencers best suited for brands and the objectives of each campaign.

Hypetap co-founder and co-CEO Detch Singh commented: “Selecting influencers is one of the most important parts of the influencer marketing process, but it’s often skimmed over because without the correct set of tools, it’s time-consuming.

“We’ve spent years developing tools to analyse social content to assist with selecting the best influencers for a particular campaign.

“It means only influencers who fit the brief, have an authentic interest in the subject matter and will garner the kind of response brands are trying to achieve, are put forward for campaigns.

“Brand-influencer alignment is stronger, resulting in more effective, authentic campaigns.

“It also opens up new avenues to reach highly engaged, influential content creators a brand might otherwise not be aware of.”

Hypetap chief technology officer Dhruv Singh commented, “Artificial intelligence already forms the backbone of how we vet and select influencers for campaigns.

“The new AI tool further enhances our ability to do this for brand campaigns.

“At a time when authenticity and transparency are at the forefront of conversations around digital marketing, innovations like this ensure brands can execute meaningful, safe influencer marketing campaigns.”

Hypetap’s new AI tool has already been used in beta and is now automatically incorporated as part of the influencer selection process for all brands partnering with Hypetap.

Longtime client CHE Proximity has already used Hypetap’s AI tool for influencer campaigns.

Ant White, Chief Creative Officer at CHE Proximity commented: “We know influencer marketing provides great results for brands when done right. And a large part of getting it right is actually selecting the right influencers for a campaign.

“We’ve long partnered with Hypetap because of their sophisticated approach to influencer marketing, and this latest innovation further enhances our capabilities to deliver meaningful, impactful campaigns for our clients.”

The new AI tool marks the latest addition to Hypetap’s extensive suite of industry-first products.

Earlier this year, Hypetap launched its proprietary brand alignment suite, leveraging machine learning and AI technology to help identify influencers that best align with brands and the objectives of each given campaign.

The suite also includes a profanity audit product to reveal controversial language in posts, and a conflict assessment tool to help the campaign management team ensure potential influencers have not worked with, or endorsed a competing or conflicting brands.

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