Human Stools Star In Innovative Spot For Dude Wipes

Human Stools Star In Innovative Spot For Dude Wipes

An American advertisement for a product called Dude Wipes is suddenly contender as possibly the finest piece of ad creative ever imagined.

The TVC – for a male sanitary wipe (not to be confused with traditional toilet paper) – follows the watery adventures of two fecal fellows by the name of Plip and Plop as they leave the homely surrounds of the bowel and rectal cavity for splashdown in the porcelain thunder-box.

Check out all the action here:

After a session with Dude Wipes the anus’s talking sphincter – in a truly sublime piece of method acting – declares that everything is “so much better” and goes on to thank his recently evicted residents, Plip and Plop

The talking turds are played by actors Rob Dyrdek and another chap who goes by the moniker of Big Black.

“Ok, dressing up like two giant turds isn’t going too far. What about if we Plip and Plop right out of a giant butt?” Dyrdek recently posted on social media regarding his transformation to novelty talking stool.

B&T should also add that Dude Wipes gives 10 per cent of all sales to colon cancer research.

But all this does ask the BIG question – does Dude Wipes better B&T’s all-time favourite fecal-inspired campaign, the truly, truly fabulous work offered up by PooPourri? We’ll let you be the judge, dear reader…

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