Huggies Launches Brand New Alexa Experience For Kids & Bubs

Huggies Launches Brand New Alexa Experience For Kids & Bubs

Huggies is bringing play-time of the future into Aussie homes, with the launch of the Huggies Skill for Alexa – an engaging new voice-experience for children and parents to enjoy together through all Alexa-enabled devices.

Huggies Skill is a curated library of audio content featuring songs, activities and games for parents and kids to enjoy together, and is tailored to children’s development stages (0 – 24months+).

Activated and controlled by simple voice commands, the Huggies Skill provides parents with a convenient, hands-free way to interact and play with their children.

Designed in conjunction with Kinderling, Australia’s most popular radio station for kids and families, the Huggies Skill delivers age-specific voice experiences and content across four tailored pillars:

Accessing content is a simple as saying “Alexa, ask Huggies for a hand” or “Alexa, ask Huggies to play Active Time” – with the option for individual profiles parents can set up for different children, adding an extra level of personalisation.

Huggies business director, Rahul Asthana said: “We know parents are increasingly multi-tasking – wanting to prioritise time for quality engagement with their children, whilst balancing the demands of work and home life.

“The Huggies Skill is a parent’s hands-free personal voice assistant, to help them provide a safe, screen and ad-free way for children to learn, play and develop.”

The benefits of personal interactions from a young age are widely recommended – with play, singing and movement-based activities encouraged from as early as a few months, as an important way to promote emotional, social and communication abilities.

With this in mind, content in the Huggies Skill is designed to advance in-line with a child’s key stages of development.

Amazon Alexa Skills, Australia country manager, Kate Burleigh said: “Huggies have tailored a really inventive voice-experience delivered through Alexa.

“The Huggies Skill enables parents to have engaging and meaningful moments with their children – and in a fun, interactive way.”

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