Her app Finds That 73% Of Queers Use Astrology To Better Understand Themselves

Her app Finds That 73% Of Queers Use Astrology To Better Understand Themselves
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To celebrate International Astrology Day, LQBTQIA+ dating app, Her app, surveyed its members to see what queer attitudes on astrology are.


Survey Says: the majority of users surveyed (74 per cent) believe that astrology is real, 36 per cent of believers were Millennials and 26 per cent of believers were GenZ

Conclusion: GenZ continues to be the most skeptical generation, even questioning the intentions and motivations of “Big Astrology

HER, said:

Taylor, our head of marketing, is relieved to see GenZ’s rising skepticism. Though assigned-millennial-at-birth, she is a hater and pleased to see once more that she can identify as GenZ.


Survey Says 73 per cent of queers use horoscopes to better understand themselves, while 57.2 per cent use astrology to help them understand the world around them.

Interesting: only 28 per cent believe that horoscopes predict the future

Conclusion: While gays are using the common language of astrology to connect to themselves and others, the weekly horoscope predictions are a little less relevant (unless of course, you’re trying to see what will happen with you and your crush this week for the love of the planets please make it steamy!).

HER, said:

We talked to Evie from our marketing team who thought she was an Aquarius until she was 35 only to find out she was born two hours into Pisces season “I was always pretty skeptical about astrology until I found out I was a Pisces and then it all made a lot more sense. I never identified with Aquarius traits, but now I’m a true believer … most of the time.”


Survey, said:

More than half of our users said that they have used astrology to better understand their relationship compatibility, with almost 1/3 of queers admitting that they didn’t date someone because of their zodiac sign.

Conclusion: Look, new relationships can be scary, and having something as helpful as astrology to explain the big unknown of lasting love is clutch.

HER, said:

HER’s Sr. Support Specialist, Sabrina Cates, is grateful for the tools zodiac knowledge has given her and her partner: “There is a misconception about being a Virgo ruled by Mercury and having a current partner that is a Gemini and ruled by Mercury as well. You would think that would make an incredible connection and easy communication, but that honestly makes it harder. What helps our relationship is that my partner’s Moon sign (Pisces) and her Rising Sign (also Pisces) are the sister signs to my Sun and Moon (which are both Virgo). This helps when the communication gets thick and heavy. Since Virgo and Gemini are in a lot of ways the same energy.”


Survey, said:

While our users overwhelmingly could not determine the BEST sign to date (we will say Taurus did eek ahead slightly, but most of the signs were close to being tied or users simply did not know) they sure knew who they didn’t want to date: sorry Gemini!

Conclusions: Look, we’ve all been devastated by a Gemini or three, but what makes for bad relationships can make for even hotter sex (that twin flame energy BRINGS IT in bed! You know we’re right!)

HER, said:

Although our users were quick to hate on Gemini, it seems like our team has actually seen a lot of Scorpio hostility:

We asked Anna, one of our engineers about how the zodiac has shaped her love life, and she said “I’m not a big astrology gal, but one time I dated a girl who said Scorpios suck and then she got her chart done and her rising sign was Scorpio.”

Tesha from our moderation team also feels reluctant to identify as a Scorpio…

“I know I should be more open but I’ve had too many “oh you’re a Scorpio,” eyebrow raise negative energy convos”

And while our community thinks that Astrology is not just queer culture anymore, we all know that while mainstream culture may be talking about it, we’re out here living it!

At this point, our Community Manager, Jill, weighs in. Never has she ever worked in a community that asked her about her sign as much as our HER users:

“I don’t believe in astrology or follow it at all but I made my partner figure out my big three so I could put it on my HER profile because I got tired of being asked what mine are.”

Happy International Astrology Day! May the start of your Zodiac year be a great one!

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