Hardie Grant Media Shares Top Content Marketing Themes That Will Shape 2020

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In this guest post, Hardie Grant Media strategy director, Kate Thompson has identified key themes – both emerging and well-established – to ensure clients stay ahead of the game in 2020.

Reviewing trends from across the globe, Thompson determined four fundamental attributes that she believes will be the difference between good and great content marketing in this new decade.

  1. Purpose

Thompson predicts in 2020, content marketing will become focused, considered and meaningful. It’s expected brands will take a more reflective approach to goal-setting with a return to purpose-driven marketing, and that this will flow on to “content for good”. Now is the time to ask, “what value does this add for our customers and society at large?”. Thompson suggests that the new year will also see a rise in events and other interactive experiences for brands to build connections and develop strong relationships in the community.

  1. Context

Content marketers have over 5,000 tools, technologies and distribution platforms at their fingertips that allow them every opportunity to stay relevant. It is expected data-driven content will be pivotal in crafting genuinely helpful and effective content in 2020. Thompson also anticipates this year will see brands create content and publishing platforms with specific audiences in mind as opposed to trying to cater content to everyone. Simplicity will be key in helping customers have memorable experiences.

  1. Creativity

There is a general consensus that within some categories, consumer experiences are almost identical –there’s little wow factor to help a brand standout from its competitors. Thompson believes creativity in brand storytelling and publishing has been forgotten. In the new decade brands that will come out on top will be the ones with a strategic plan in place; and are brave enough to embrace new ways to earn attention and add creative depth to communications including their owned media.

  1. Integrity

Trust and accountability across brands are of the upmost importance. Thompson calls for transparency from brands when dealing with sensitive information and customer data and to also give consideration to how content is repurposed or republished across social media and the web. It’s important brands and marketers do due diligence on fact-checking campaigns and content to reduce the spread of misinformation to the general public.





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