Gumtree Media Unveils Data Tech Partners To Enable Precision Targeting With Real-World Attribution

Gumtree Media Unveils Data Tech Partners To Enable Precision Targeting With Real-World Attribution

Gumtree has announced new data technology that maximises efficiency for advertisers by providing pinpoint targeting at every stage of the customer journey, while facilitating online and offline attribution.

The innovative offering leverages Gumtree Media’s new data partners, smrtr and Lifesight, as well as its 360° unified customer view of the Gumtree network audience, which includes 7.8 million monthly users* across Gumtree’s marketplace and automotive platforms CarsGuide and Autotrader.

Gumtree Media’s new data technology, Audience Engine, taps into data signals from Gumtree’s combined audience, including 3.5 million logged identities across the network’s horizontal and automotive marketplace, creating a unified customer view. This holistic view provides brand partners with near real-time customer insights informed by on-site signals, users’ profile data (including category and product interests) and marketplace buyer and seller behaviours, giving advertisers greater access to their future, near and in-market customers.

Through its new partnership with smrtr and Lifesight, Gumtree Media enables advertisers to help pinpoint audiences for maximum campaign efficiency and attribute online and offline campaign effectiveness.

smrtr’s second party data, which comprises demographic information, car ownership and finance data, is layered with the Gumtree network’s first party data to build out Life Stage Audiences. This then facilitates the accurate identification of life stage intender audience segments across a range of categories, such as: Movers, Home Improvers, Growing families and Auto intenders, among others.

Gumtree Media is now also able to create campaigns that measure footfall to one or multiple locations by leveraging Lifesight’s capabilities to identify when a consumer enters a landmark location. As a result, a consumer on the Gumtree network who is served an advertiser campaign and then visits a landmark location is recorded as a successful conversion, facilitating real-life attribution and a true view of campaign effectiveness beyond simple online measurement. In turn, this showcases visitation patterns attributed by exposed audiences, enabling brands to optimise their campaigns.

Tim Lloyd, senior manager, adtech and data at Gumtree Australia, said: “Our new Audience Engine offering, coupled with the strategic partnerships with smrtr and Lifesight, put Gumtree in a unique position where we can unlock new opportunities for advertisers to target and attract in-market, near and future audiences. Solutions built on first party data, like ours, have never been more important, and they will become essential as cookies continue to depreciate. We are already working with several Australian top automotive partners to target auto intenders.

Gumtree Media is set to launch sustainable partner packages for brands in 2022

New consumer research by Gumtree Media has revealed consumer behaviour has shifted, including the rise of eco-conscious consumer and the role marketplaces play in the circular economy. To help brand partners connect with customers in this changing landscape, and building on its commitment to support the adoption of a more circular economy, Gumtree has announced that in 2022 the company will be launching incentivised sustainable partner advertising packages. The new packages will be tailored for brands that have corporate responsibility principles focused on sustainability, with more details to follow in the new year.

Shannon Fitzpatrick (main photo), director of commercial partnerships at Gumtree, CarsGuide and Autotrader, said: “We are proud to be an enabler of the circular economy with more than 7.8 million Australians visiting the network every month, but we also want to motivate other brands to embrace circularity so we are celebrating organisations that have sustainability principles at the heart of their business. With our new partner packages, we look to inspire others to adopt smarter and more sustainable business practices. Changing consumer behaviours show what matters to Australians, and brands that understand this will be able to connect with their audience in this space, building stronger and longer-lasting data led customer relationships.”

The move follows the growing estimated value of trading in the Australian circular economy, which could be worth over $48 billion — increasing 89 per cent over the past 10 years. According to the 2021 Gumtree Trading in the Circular Economy report, most Australians (86 per cent) say sustainable practices inform their purchasing decisions when buying brand new or throwing out pre-loved items. In fact, more than 2 in 3 of those who sell pre-loved or unwanted items use the funds they make to invest in new goods.

The growth of circular trading has changed the way consumers shop and their relationship with the concept of the C2C marketplace, leading to key purchase motivations. These purchase motivations have driven Marketplace maturation, with a higher frequency in marketplace usage than ever before. Nearly two-thirds of Gumtree users (64 per cent) visit the platform weekly or more. Users also frequent Gumtree more regularly than most bricks-and-mortar retail stores, with 87 per cent visiting Gumtree monthly or more regularly compared to home improvement/DIY stores (33 per cent) and department stores (24 per cent%).

The majority of Gumtree users (81 per cent) are actively in-market, undertaking an action on their last visit, including searching for a specific brand or item, replying to a listing, listing an item for sale or applying for a job. This shows that the C2C marketplace offering triggers intent at both the buyer and seller level, leading to the rise of the Super intender — a user with high purposeful behaviour. Digging into purchase behaviours, Gumtree Media uncovered that almost two-thirds of people who bought on Gumtree in their last visit were looking for a specific brand or item, while 21 percent of buyers indicated that they actively seek out higher quality or more expensive brands.

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