Gumtree Makes Rich Audience Insights Available To Advertisers

Gumtree Makes Rich Audience Insights Available To Advertisers

Gumtree has released its third annual Audience Insights Report, which aims to empower advertisers by offering enhanced messaging and better targeting to reach its unique neighbourhood of users.

Geared towards Australia’s marketers, advertisers and media buyers, the report introduces six unique personas: the home improver, auto-intender, small business owner, mover, and holiday intender, who all live in the ‘neighbourhood’, nodding to Gumtree’s community heritage.

These audience segments will help advertiser better identify and target audiences who are looking buy, while also giving deeper insights into the on and off-site behaviours.

Gumtree commercial director Laura Hill (feature image) said: “Gumtree is a leading digital destination for Australia’s top brands.

“It’s also a shopping destination for millions of active users who are making tens of thousands of connections each day.

“Australians tend to head to Gumtree at key life moments, such as renovating a home, having a baby or when buying and selling a car.

“More than ever, today’s advertisers need to be confident that they are making deep and relevant connections with their audiences.

“By sharing user insights and letting brands get a glimpse of the people who make up the Gumtree neighbourhood, we demonstrate just how deep our data goes and how advertisers can build effective campaigns on our site by targeting those who are on-site and ready to buy.”

The Gumtree Neighbourhood

Gumtree has grown and diversified its audience over the 12 years it has been part of the Australian online landscape.

Its most active members include families, who make up a third of total visitors.

The Report also revealed the neighbourhood’s plans for the next year to include: improving their home/garden area (41 per cent), taking a holiday (37 per cent), searching for a new job (26 per cent) and buying a car (24 per cent).

Financial and insurance services are also top of mind, with 43 per cent intending to open a savings account and 65 per cent intending to take out car or vehicle insurance.

These insights highlight Gumtree’s understanding of shoppers across all phases of the purchase journey – including identifying buyer signals and key life moments – to position relevant, just-in-time brand messages.

The Auto-Intender

Gumtree Cars remains one of the most visited categories with more than 250,000 daily unique visits to its automotive categories, viewing the 14,000 daily new auto listings.

The auto-intender is predominately male, living in metro areas and 33 per cent have families. Most auto intenders are planning on a second hand car (66 per cent), while 13 per cent plan to buy a new car and 20 per cent are unsure.

They are considering making their purchase privately using sites like Gumtree (55 per cent) or at a dealership (35 per cent).

The data also shows Australians browsing the Cars category have differing aspirations when it comes to their next ride.

They are mostly looking to buy a 4WD/SUV (42 per cent), ute (19 per cent), small sedan (17 per cent) or medium Sedan (17 per cent).

The Home Improver

Home and garden is a core category for Gumtree, with more than 644,000 average listings on site and is regularly viewed by the Home improver persona, who make up 41 per cent of the Gumtree neighbourhood.

They are mostly female, with almost half (44 per cent) belonging to families. They spend just under half an hour on the Gumtree site searching for all things gardening and home décor related.

Students (18-24-year olds)

Over three quarters (78 per cent) of 18-24 year olds using Gumtree are singles with no children who are saving for a deposit.

Over one in three (35 per cent) intend to buy a new car, well above the national average, and over half (51 per cent) plan to buy home electronics, computers or IT equipment.

This audience group is one of Gumtree’s biggest spenders, mostly splurging on phones, games and clothes.

Small Business Owner

Small business owners are notoriously hard to reach, however Gumtree reported more than 420,000 small business owners make up its unique audience neighbourhood. At least half of them browse the home and garden, cars, electronics & computer categories, and 24 per cent have a higher than average income.

Six in 10 small business owners use Gumtree weekly or more often and a majority are in a growth phase, with 84 per cent looking to increase the number of employees next year.

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