Gucci Unveiled A New Logo And It’s Received A Mixed Bag Of Reviews

Gucci Unveiled A New Logo And It’s Received A Mixed Bag Of Reviews
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Ultra-luxury brand Gucci has unveiled a new logo and it’s receiving a mixed bag of reviews amongst consumers.

The handwritten logo appeared on the brand’s social media and is apparently all part of the luxury brand’s  Winter 2020 Men’s Collection, which has debuted on Tuesday.

The unusual font which looks quite similar to a young child’s handwriting has certainly made a stir on social media.

The online hubbub began three days ago when Gucci updated its Facebook page (which has 18 million followers) with the new logo and accompanying images announcing the collection using the same handwritten font.

The bran has also updated its Twitter profile with the new logo.

Based on a typical French child’s handwriting, some consumers are praising the new logo, while others are poking fun at the luxury brand’s peculiar choice.

One user commented on Facebook: “When you haven’t paid salaries for your designers yet. Consequences!!!”

Another wrote: “Thanks for hiring my 2-year-old cousin for this design!”

However, some are interested in how the new logo will represent the new line.

One social media user commented: “Looking forward to seeing the collection and how it coordinates with this campaign! I’m imagining a bold step towards sth pure and vintage [sic]”.

The new logo is certainly a step away for its usual logo (below).

Tell us in the comments below what you think of the new logo.




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    1. Look, I wasn’t a particularly big fan of their previous “classic” logo either – it screams 80s and shoulder pads. However, given that the online retail market is flooded with cheap fakes and imitations, having a limited addition piece or rare logo can be a benefit to people who genuinely go out of their way to invest in their wardrobe with designer pieces. It’s also important to note that in terms of fashion over the last 4-5 years, there’s been a massive resurgence in vintage wear – so in order for brands to keep up with the upmarket second hand marketplace, releasing pieces that evoke a sense of age but still have a huge dollar value is important to the fashion community.

    2. Relax everybody, it’s not their new logo… It’s simply part of the marketing for their 2020 men’s collection, and it hints towards the aesthetic theme that they’ll be utilising.. Fashion labels do this all the time.

    3. When the difference in design between what is done by a six-year-old and design done by a professional graphic designer is indiscernible you have your answer. It may be clever in looking natural and child-like but it is untidy, unattractive and lacking in aesthetic. It’s awful.

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