Grocer Unveils “Worst Song In The World” Parody Of 80s Poodle Rock

Grocer Unveils “Worst Song In The World” Parody Of 80s Poodle Rock

French supermarket chain Monoprix has gone against typical advertising norms in its latest campaign – unveiling a song it’s described as “the worst song in the world”.

A parody of 80s poodle rock bands, the ad’s ultimate aim is to promote the grocer’s home delivery service.

The work of French creative agency Rosapark, it follows a young woman walking around the streets of Paris being forced to listen to the terrible song because she can’t remove her headphones due to the groceries she’s carrying.

Plus, it’s a spot that both the Ys and Zs would understand. Nothing worse than having to listen to your parents’ generation of music, after all.

The final kicker declares: “Having your hands free changes everything. Shop at the store and get your groceries delivered.”

Check out the (slightly too long) English version of the ad below:

Commenting on the ad, Rosapark’s co-founder, Gilles Fichteberg, said: “To create ‘the worst song in the world’, we had to find the musical universe that would be the farthest away from the young woman’s. It was a clash of generations, styles, tastes.

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