Google Has Spoken: Here Are Your Top Searches From 2015

Google Has Spoken: Here Are Your Top Searches From 2015

Oh Australia, you absolute weirdos. The year is coming to an end and you’re still unsure of who the Prime Minister is and how to screenshot.

Yep, Google has released its Year In Search: The Moments That Defined 2015.

The search giant has unleashed its top queries for the year, and this year, the thing you all went nuts for the most was Netflix. The Rugby World Cup came in a close second, and Lamar Odom was an interesting addition to the podium finish.

Google wrapped it up in a neat Christmas present for you here:

In typical Australian fashion, more than half of this year’s top trending searches were sports related, with Aussies also following the personal stories of Ronda Rousey and Jarryd Hayne, definitely an improvement on Todd Carney and Flappy Bird.

The tragic events in Paris, the Nepal earthquake, and Cyclone Marcia were among the global news stories that captured our attention, while in the ‘How To’ category, we still don’t know how to tie a tie or write a cover letter – it’s a wonder any of us even have jobs, really.

Oh well, at least it’s slightly better than kiss, crochet and twerk, some of the top contenders in this category last year.

The top 10 trending searches were:

  1. Netflix
  2. Rugby World Cup
  3. Lamar Odom
  4. Ronda Rousey
  5. Asian Cup
  6. Jarryd Hayne
  7. Jurassic World
  8. Paris
  9. Cricket World Cup
  10. Agario

In a breakdown of all the categories, from news and global people to recipes and internet lingo, here you have it. Good to see everyone’s managed a nice balance between serious current affairs and where Chuck Norris is hiding:

google searchgoogle2


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