Foxtel: ‘We’re Really Bloody Pleased’ With The Results of Our New Pricing

Foxtel: ‘We’re Really Bloody Pleased’ With The Results of Our New Pricing

Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein used a launch event for Fox Sports upcoming broadcast of the V8 Supercars to update media buyers and advertisers on the results of the pay TV offering’s “radical” new pricing structure.

Freudenstein said: “I can’t talk in specifics but I can say we’re really bloody pleased about how it’s going. It’s gone better than we expected in terms of sales to new customers and in addition to the sales we’ve already received, the word of mouth that’s happening, the social media that’s happening around our pricing is just really, really positive. This will open up a huge audience for Foxtel, a huge audience for V8 fans.”

In November, Foxtel implemented its new pricing structure which saw the cost of a basic subscription almost halve. Freudenstein told the audience at the V8 launch event: “It was pretty radical to go from a basic price of $49 to a basic price of $25. For those of you who can’t do the math, that’s almost halving the price of our basic product.”

While new customers were offered the reduced pricing, Foxtel took a different approach with existing subscribers adding additional channels instead of extending a discount, although the option for them to move to the reduced price is available. “Very few of our customers are moving to the new packaging. Most of them are very happy with the packaging they get,” said Freudenstein, suggesting Foxtel isn’t seeing a dip in revenue from existing subscribers.

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