Flybuys & The Trade Desk Help Connect Online & Offline Sales With New Partnership

Flybuys & The Trade Desk Help Connect Online & Offline Sales With New Partnership

Flybuys and The Trade Desk have announced a first-of-its-kind partnership in Australia to provide advertisers with unprecedented insight into the impact of their online advertising campaigns on offline and online sales. 

 This partnership marks the first time that Unpacked by Flybuys’ de-identified sales conversion data, from Flybuys’ more than eight million members, will be made available within a programmatic buying platform. 

This will allow brands and their agencies to directly apportion the impact of their digital campaigns on sales within Coles and Liquorland and use that insight to drive near real-time enhancements to campaign setup.

Flybuys chief product officer Harley Giles said: “We are delighted to partner with The Trade Desk to help make its advertising more effective, by providing high-quality conversion data straight from Coles and Liquorland checkouts, in near real-time directly to The Trade Desk platform. The integration will allow brands and agencies to optimise their media investment in a way that was not previously possible.”  

Key features of this partnership include: 

·            De-identified sales conversion data from Coles and Liquorland will be made available within The Trade Desk’s platform, enabling advertisers a real-time view on the effectiveness of their campaign, across strategies, creative types and audiences.  

·            Measured outcomes include both online and offline conversions to ensure advertisers have insights into sales generated by the campaign.

·            Flexibility to collaborate with Unpacked by Flybuys to analyse conversions right down to the individual product, brand or category, to ensure advertisers can measure the right metric for their outcome.

·            Self-serve capability to view conversion data directly in an advertiser’s campaign in The Trade Desk platform to enable timely decision making based on performance. 

“We are excited to partner with Unpacked by Flybuys to deliver this incredible opportunity to our partners. Linking media investments to true business outcomes is what all marketers should be striving for,” said The Trade Desk general manager Australia and New Zealand James Bayes [pictured].

“This first-of-its-kind partnership delivers exactly that with further capacity to optimise campaigns in real-time based on closed-loop measurement. This partnership is clear evidence of our commitment to helping marketers, who are becoming more data-driven, make smarter decisions and demonstrate the link between their media investment and real-world outcomes,” he said. 

The partnership will launch beta rollout in August.


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