Five Tips From SketchSHE On How To Make A Viral Campaign

Five Tips From SketchSHE On How To Make A Viral Campaign

They’ve already had 260 million views (and counting) of their car spoofs Bohemian Carsody and Mime Through Time and the trio that is SketchSHE are currently sifting through a barrage of sponsorship requests.

Since they released the spoof of Bohemian Rhapsody, which was recorded on a mobile phone in March, they’ve had almost 300million views on social media, including Facebook and YouTube, and have amassed a huge celebrity following.

The threesome were even credited by Billboard for causing a 261 per cent surge in streaming on the original track – so it’s fair to say they won’t be down Centrelink anytime soon.

The hot Aussies – Lana Kington, Shae-Lee Shackleford and Madison Lloyd – are back Down Under after their recent appearances on Ellen and Good Morning America and took some time out from singing and playing air guitar to tell B&T their top tips for a viral campaign.

Kington, who sits in the passenger seat and is the youngest of the group at 25, said: “I think with three girls there are so many opportunities for putting it on places and brand partnership. We’re still in the midst of filtering which ones are best for us and that really encapsulate the SketchShe ethos.

“But to drive a successful viral campaign it’s really important to have:

  1. Good music
  2. Grab your viewer’s attention in the first five seconds
  3. Don’t make your video any longer than minute and a half
  4. Think about using captions because a huge part of your audience might not speak English
  5. Five – if all else fails add a cat

To be fair, the last one has done wonders for Taylor Swift. “Yeah, we’re still waiting for her to give us a call,” laughed Kington.

Kington and Shackleton met through their modeling agency a couple of years ago and a warped sense of humour and keen eye for pop culture cemented their friendship.

They began writing comedy sketches and brought Lloyd, another model, into the group about a year ago. But French and Saunders these are not.

With spoof info-commercials such as the ‘slutguard’ and a funny but slightly worrying sketch about imprisoning Ryan Gosling in the closet, shown on their SketchSHE YouTube channel, the girls are inundated with requests from edgy brands, keen to capitalize on their quick success.

They’ve just done a commercial with Samsung in the US for new phone ‘Edge’ and are in the middle of signing a massive technology deal where they’ll be doing videos and content. The comedy trio have got so many offers on the table they’ve just enlisted a manager, LA-based Richard Bron.

“He treats SketchShe like an enterprise,” added Kington. “We are a business now, even though we started off doing little sketch videos. We’ve now got the opportunity to make an app, a website and a TV show to really cover a multi-channel, multi-format industry.

“We started to find that after the Mime Through Time mash up video our audience went from 80 per cent guys to 50 per cent guys and 50 per cent girls. The age to 24-year-olds being a huge audience for us which awesome. I think that is also attractive to lots of different clothing and makeup that kind of companies.”

The girls even recorded their voices during a trip to Capitol Records last week.

Look out Spice Girls!

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