The Five Stages Of Grief You’ll Go Through If You Miss Out On Early Bird Tickets For Changing The Ratio

The Five Stages Of Grief You’ll Go Through If You Miss Out On Early Bird Tickets For Changing The Ratio

We’ve been ranting and raving about this event for weeks, and now it’s barely a month away. So the day has finally arrived – early bird ticket sales for Changing The Ratio 2018 will close at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!

This totally Aussie born and bred event will be an inspiring day of keynote speakers and thoughtful panel discussions, and attendees will leave this event with game-changing ideas, a new mindset and practical tools and case studies to take back to their organisations to drive inclusion and equality.

But guess what? Tickets will be more expensive from midnight tonight! Yes, really. The day is here – and early bird ticket sales will close forever at midnight on Friday 27 April. Which is today, if you hadn’t guessed. Get them here!

We’ve got stellar headline speakers like Lisa Wilkinson and Deng Thiak Adut, as well as a hilariously inspiring MC in George McEnroe. What more could you want?

BTW: if you don’t get your tickets now while they’re cheap(er), you’ll definitely, 100 per cent, go through the five stages of grief. What are they? Let us educate you.

First, you’ll be in denial. “Surely I’ll be able to get tickets at early-bird prices right up until the event,” you’ll say.

But then the truth will sink in.


This will come with a lot of shock if you haven’t been reading all our warning articles like you should’ve. Just sayin’.


Second, you’ll be angry. Mostly at yourself, but maybe a little bit at the system. But unfortunately no, not all tickets can be at the early bird price. Sorry. Below is you in a sea of people who did get early bird tickets.


And third, you’ll be trying to find a way around it. The bargaining phase. Maybe you’ll even send an email. But once the full price gates open, we can’t do anything about it.


Fourth, you’ll just be sad.


Really, really sad. Think of all the things you could’ve bought with your savings! All the food! All the happy hour drinks!

And finally, you’ll accept the fact that you just have to buy regular-priced tickets to see Lisa Wilkinson and Deng Thiak Adut do their thing. Begrudgingly, of course.


Don’t say we didn’t warn you: grab early bird tickets here before midnight tonight!

Changing the Ratio will be held on May 28 at Sydney’s Belvoir St Theatre in Surry Hills – but for all other info, head to the website.





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