Find Out If You Really Know Your Audience With Yahoo7 Insights

Find Out If You Really Know Your Audience With Yahoo7 Insights

New audience data captured by Yahoo7 can now help brands understand the digital daily habits of their audience, as well as broader information about their lives in terms of automotive, food and health, finance, entertainment, travel and purchase behaviour.

The latest Insight Series Special Report, Know Your Audience, was developed to provide Yahoo7 clients with some of the richest data yet into specific, niche audiences, from cat owners to new home buyers.

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Brands looking to step into cross category marketing can now use Yahoo7 insights to identify unique product audience pairings and identify untapped marketing opportunities.  For example, we know from this research that Leisure Traveller over-index in Tablet (ix = 115) and Smart TV (ix = 113) usage (see Figure 1), and that those looking to renovate are more likely to visit a beauty salon (ix = 171) and enjoy Foreign or Children’s films (ix = 123), when compared to the general population (see Figure 2).

Know Your Audience was created after Yahoo7 saw great success and positive client feedback with its Daily Habits research, which analysed how common audiences spent their day across digital devices.  While the data was useful on a broad scale, Yahoo7 identified a need for the data to be tailored to client-specific target audiences, so that advertisers and marketers could learn insights about their audience to help define and drive strategy.

Peter Hammer, Head of Insights and Analytics at Yahoo7 said, “We all know how important data is to marketing strategy, and Know Your Audience enables Yahoo7 to provide our clients with rich information about their specific target audience into their digital daily habits, and also their broader life.

What we’ve found is that marketers are often forced to focus on general trends and only get specific target data when it’s related to their category.  The rich profiling information we have from this study enables advertisers and marketers to know a lot more about their audiences, so that a brand manager could know about their audience’s usage of mobile across the day, how they spend their spare time, but also their likelihood to purchase a car and their travel habits.”

The research consisted of an online survey of more than 2,000 respondents across Australia.  It is currently being provided to key clients across Australia.

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