Fashion Brand Fights Xenophobia With Cool Pro-immigration OOH Campaign

Fashion Brand Fights Xenophobia With Cool Pro-immigration OOH Campaign

UK fashion brand Jigsaw has unveiled a new OOH campaign that highlights the positives of immigrants to Britain.

Realising that much of its own workforce were born overseas and its garments are made in 16 different countries, Jigsaw decided to play on its very own diversity with its “Love Immigration” outdoor campaign that features across major London Tube stations. And, unsurprisingly, it’s also become an instant social media hit with users praising the brand’s positive post-Brexit message.


The poster’s actually read: “British style is not 100% British,” it reads. “In fact, there’s no such thing as ‘100% British.’ Or 100% Dutch, French, American, Asian, or European. Whatever your opinion, at some point in your ancestry someone moved in and unsettled the neighbours.”


Commenting on the campaign, Jigsaw’s CEO Peter Ruis, told the UK’s The Independent: “The world is such a crazy place at the moment … it seemed facile to do a nice little campaign. We wanted to give a positive message, it’s bizarre for immigration to be seen as a negative word.


“Fashion doesn’t operate in a bubble; it plays on a broader psyche. We could just talk about clothes, but with what is going on around us it seems hypocritical and superficial to not accept the debt we owe to immigration in its broadest sense,” Ruis said.

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