Fairfax & News Botch Reporting Of Michelle Bridges’ Birth

Fairfax & News Botch Reporting Of Michelle Bridges’ Birth

it’s been one of the most talked about tummies in Australian media and this morning Michelle Bridges finally gave birth to her first child – a baby boy called Axel.

To its credit The Sydney Morning Herald were one of the first media outlets with the news – although they got the baby’s sex wrong. And the confusion grew at News.com.au who, likewise, reported the fitness guru had given birth to a girl.

The story remained on smh.com.au until a revision was posted and a tiny retraction offered at the end of the original story that said “An earlier version of this article incorrectly reported that Bridges and Willis had a baby girl”.
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Likewise over at News.com.au the site reported that the couple had given birth to a baby girl over the weekend but were reluctant to make any news public due to a deal with Who Weekly magazine. “Michelle Bridges has given birth to her first child, but won’t be revealing details until a paid, tell-all magazine exclusive, The Daily Telegraph’s Sydney Confidential understands,” the article read.

How the news sites got the sex wrong is anyone’s guess, but all was confirmed via a Instagram post from the new mum herself this morning.

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