Eminem Promotes New Album With Fake Pharma Ads

Eminem Promotes New Album With Fake Pharma Ads

Hiphop artist Eminem is behind a fake anti-depressant ad campaign in the US which has turned out to be a whacky stunt to promote his brand new album Revival.

The spoof campaign includes OOH, print and digital and is being touted as a cure to the fictitious illness Atrox Rithimus, which is actually Latin for “bitter rhyme”.

The ad’s claim “Revival is a non-injectable medication given through the ear canal, and is not intended for anal use.”

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The ads were apparently so realistic, that Eminem’s music company has revealed that they weren’t allowed to be shown in New York because they looked too much like a misleading pharmaceutical ad.

However, the ads were outed as a spoof by Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg via an Instagram post last Friday when he revealed the campaign was all part of a promotion for the new album that was launched over the weekend.

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