Emarsys Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

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Marketing platform Emarsys has announced it is now a technology partner in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program.

Emarsys is collaborating with Google Cloud’s AI engineers on Google Kubernetes Engine to enhance Emarsys’s scalable digital marketing platform by incorporating real-time analytics and live AI models. This will provide instantaneous predictions on data from more than 1.4 billion users, enabling Emarsys clients to respond instantly to consumer behaviour, thereby improving time-to-value of their marketing efforts.

AI is integral to the Emarsys marketing platform and replaces the need for a separate customer data platform (CDP) used for collection, unification, augmentation and segmentation, a marketing platform and AI solution, therefore reducing the total cost of ownership.

Its AI-powered predictive solution is already helping over 2,500 companies unlock new revenue opportunities and deliver faster incremental revenue growth. Google Cloud enables Emarsys to build a scalable data and AI platform that provides powerful, actionable insights in real-time.

With access to more data than ever before, companies have never been better positioned to adopt precision marketing methods and target the right customers at the right time. However, up until now, e-commerce and retail marketers have only been reacting to customer interactions, events, and behaviour.

This limitation has made it difficult for marketers to personalise content, offers, and timing of communications in advance of events actually happening – producing poor customer experiences. It also makes it difficult for marketing leaders to predict the lifetime value of individual contacts, permutations of different segments, as well as to predict revenue potential for those segments and the business as a whole.

The work that Emarsys is undertaking with Google Cloud signals the start of a new connected marketing era.
“With Google Cloud, we’ve been able to build a truly real-time data platform. The norm used to be daily batch processing of data. Now, if an event happens, marketing actions can be executed within seconds, and customers can react immediately. That makes us very competitive in our market,” said Emarsys head of data Levente Otti.

The Emarsys marketing platform incorporates a CDP with an underlying AI prediction platform woven into the fabric of the solution – along with channel automation capabilities as one, unified solution. AI-enabled turnkey tactics are fully populated with business logic to personalise communications on a 1-to-1 level.

“AI is as close to a silver bullet as marketers can get to solving for the above pain points, but it will really only deliver fully for ecommerce and retailers if it’s designed as an end-to-end marketing solution across all channels, use cases, personalisation and data. Additionally, the data, business knowledge and algorithms must work in unison for businesses to adopt AI. The technology works best with a continuous flow of incoming, healthy data and self-learning algorithms,” added Emarsys VP AI Raj Balasundaram.

Emarsys also teamed up with Google Cloud partner Aliz who helped Emarsys navigate the Google Cloud ecosystem to find the right products, and continues to work with Aliz and Google Cloud exploring other products such as Google Cloud BigQuery ML and TensorFlow to improve its AI processes.


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