Eighties Poodle-Haired Rock Still Most Popular Soundtracks To Ads

Eighties Poodle-Haired Rock Still Most Popular Soundtracks To Ads

Pull on the shoulder pads and tizz-up the perm with hair spray with news that music from the 80s is still the most popular when used in advertising.

According to figures published by online information services adbreakanthems.com Queen was the most “synced” (music used for commercial purposes) of any band in 2014.

Admittedly the results are skewed to the British advertising market but legendary 80s acts such as Queen, Bonnie Tyler and Europe generated $A40 million for the British economy when their past hits were used in soundtracks for ads.

Queen’s songs – all hits nearly three decades ago – were last year used in commercials for the Tesco supermarket chain (“I Want It All”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “We Are The Champions”),  Furniture Village (“Somebody To Love”) and holiday operator Thomson (“Bohemian Rhapsody”).

However, it was Bonnie Tyler’s epic 1983 smash “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” that won over most advertisers. Last year alone the tear-jerker ballad featured in a spot for soft drinks, Toyota and Cadbury chocolates

The godawful “The Final Countdown” by big-haired, spandex wearers Europe was the second most synced song and formed the soundtrack for ads for Tesco’s (there’s a theme going on there for them), Stride Gum and ticketing agency 02 Priority.

But it wasn’t all naff 80s ballads for agencies. The third most synced song was Electric Guest’s “This Head I Hold” from 2012, while Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t” came in fourth after featuring in ads for Beats and O2 Priority.

Not that the 80s artists are complaining. Not only do they receive a handsome royalty cheque when companies use their tracks, The Independent in the UK is reporting that the ads also work to lift sales of albums recorded 30 years ago. The newspaper claimed that 80s tracks worked particularly well when attempting to advertising to someone who’d grown up during that time.

According to adbreakanthems.com the most synced artists for 2014 were:

* Queen

* Bonnie Tyler

* Ed Sheeran

* Apparat

* Kool & The Gang

* Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett

* Lily Allen

* Little Richard

* London Grammar

* Lovin’ Spoonful

* Run DMC

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