Heinz Unveils Ed Sheeran-Inspired Tomato Sauce “EdChup”

Heinz Unveils Ed Sheeran-Inspired Tomato Sauce “EdChup”

He may have sold 130 million albums worldwide, but it appears English crooner Ed Sheeran is a humble guy at heart.

And when not writing slightly cringeworthy ballads to his exes, there’s nothing our Ed loves more than a squirt of tomato sauce.

Such is his affection for the salty, crimson condiment, Sheeran even has a tattoo of Heinz’s Tomato Ketchup tattooed to his inner arm.


And now Heinz is paying Sheeran’s marketing debt back in spades by releasing a special edition of its famed ketchup called “EdChup” (available online while stocks last).

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No, this isn’t a joke. In fact, Heinz claims a third of its Instagram activity – including mentions and tags – is related to Sheeran and his love of its sauce.

“EdChup’s” release coincides with “National Ketchup Day” (no, that’s not a joke either) that happened in the UK last week.

And if you fancy a cheeky squirt of Ed on your pie or snags, head here now before it’s all sold out.



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