Doctor Kerryn Phelps Stars In The First Ad For The “Yes” Campaign

Doctor Kerryn Phelps Stars In The First Ad For The “Yes” Campaign

The same-sex marriage ‘Yes’ campaign has responded to the controversial ‘No’ advertisement launched yesterday with its own spot that aired last night.

Fronting the ad is prominent ‘yes’ campaigner Dr Kerryn Phelps who spends much of the 30-second ad dismantling the claims made in the ‘no’ ad that featured three mothers expressing concerns that legalised gay marriage in Australia would hurt children.

Check out the ‘yes’s’ response below:

In the ad, Phelps describes the ‘No’ campaign as “dishonest … misleading claims made by opponents of equality”.

“Over the coming weeks we’ll be hearing a lot about whether our family and friends who are gay and lesbian can get married,” Phelps said.

“Sadly, some are trying to mislead us, like this ad does, by saying marriage equality will have a negative impact, including on young people.

“The only young people affected by marriage equality are young gay people who, for the first time, will have the same dignity as everyone else in our country and they deserve that.”

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