Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Every week Naked Communications' Andrew Reeves scours the web for all things digital, quirky and innovative and presents it in bite-sized portions.

Can You Feel It?

Touch Room is an iOS app developed by GSP Beta Labs and it is designed to connect loved ones separated by distance.  The concept echoes other social channels like chat forums by allowing users to create ‘rooms’ that they can then invite others into. Instead of words or pictures though participants interact with one another by touch, which is indicated by where their fingertips fall on their phones screen. When two users fingertips overlap the phone responds. Check it out here

An Interesting Way To Highlight Forward Thinking

The Daily Future is an initiative of UK based charity Nesta and is a clever and nicely executed mish mash of strategy game and political messaging.  Each week the Daily Future publishes a hot topic from the future and asks community members to vote on a position. Adding another layer of interest, they are then asked to play out a game of logic in order to secure their topical position at that geo-location.

Confusing Drink Supplement Makes Great Interactive Video    

MiO Sport, a little squirt bottle of blue liquid, has created a made-for-web commercial that includes at least six progressively more abstract and amusing embedded videos to enjoy. Good fun. See it here

Read Like A Super Human

Read Quick is an application designed to help people read quicker. The premise is simple: a super clean interface that represents your saved articles and long form reading sources – all displayed a single word at a time.  With practice your ability to comprehend this stream of copy will rise to freakish levels (+450WPR) and enable you to impress people at dinner parties with your superior knowledge on everything. 

Go Ahead – Make My Day

Artist David Bowen is a little bit obsessed with flies. From creating swarms to getting them tweeting, they feature in many of his more obscure experimental and kinetic works.  This piece, a fly swatter gone ballistic, sets up a robotic grip armed with a revolver that is able to target and track individual flies in a room via a video camera target finder.  So, when an unsuspecting fly hits the cross hairs long enough for the robot to react – boom!

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