Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Push to Add Drama – Again

Following on from the hugely successful viral video “A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square”, TNT have done it again with the sequel, “A Dramatic Surprise on an Ice-Cold Day” for their Dutch launch.  As with the last, a big red button with the invitation to “push to add drama” is placed in a public space. Once pressed, an incredibly well choreographed, action packed drama erupts around the unassuming individual. It’s unlikely that it will top the 45 million plays the last video achieved but so far it’s had a healthy 2.5 million plays in under a week.

Twitter Launches New Social Network

With this week’s launch of Vine, Twitter may have just created the holy grail of apps – a video version of Instagram. The app allows users to create and share six second videos that loop in a gif-like manner. The reviews have been positive (except for reports of porn) and if nothing else it’s well worth checking out the brilliant user experience. Time will tell if it takes off. Regardless, expect to see “the first campaign to use Vine” come out this week or next.

Restaurant Prints News Headlines On Receipts

A Washington restaurant has begun printing news headlines on receipts that go out with a customer’s bill. Updating every two minutes, the headlines are localised to be relevant to diners. Whilst this may be a small PR win, it’s curious given the prevalence of smartphones why this would be useful to anyone. Especially when they are getting up to leave.

Playbook Lets You Share Your Romantic Conquests

A controversial app that was created as a joke during the PennApps Hackathon  seems to be gaining momentum (unfortunately). Called Playbook, the app allows a group of ‘bros’ to upload pictures of their latest romantic conquests, indicate on a baseball diamond which ‘base’ they got to, and then listen to their friends feedback by way of votes, comments and oddly, redeemable beers. 

Facebook Ads Just Became More Accountable

With the public rollout of the Facebook conversion tracking tool last week, marketers now have the ability to track the amount of ads that resulted in sales, sign ups or any other action on their website. In short, we can now tell if Facebook ads work. In addition, the tool also allows marketers to retarget ads to those who have converted and works across multiple devices meaning that a purchase made on a desktop website can be tracked back to an ad seen on a mobile.

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