Digital Asset Management Solution Collaboro A Natural Fit With Open Data Initiative

Digital Asset Management Solution Collaboro A Natural Fit With Open Data Initiative

Digital asset management solution Collaboro claims its offering is a natural fit with Adobe’s, Microsoft’s and SAP’s new Open Data Initiative, as more organisations centralise their data on a single platform to improve their customer management and improve marketing performance.  

According to Warwick Boulter (main photo), co-founder and CEO of Collaboro, a leading full-service solution for managing enterprise-level digital assets, such as videos and images, the Open Data Initiative will make it easier for clients running their applications to get a better overview of their customers through accessing data from one source, rather than from several different sources, something for which Collaboro shares the same vision. 

A portion of Collaboro’s offering is a cloud-based interface for holding all of an organisation’s media assets and is a natural synergy with the new initiative. 

“The Open Data Initiative is about centralising customer data at scale. Collaboro centralises media assets at scale, many of which are created using Adobe’s toolkit, so we see our firm as a natural fit with the new model being created by these three software giants,” Boulter said.

“Collaboro brings together all a company’s media assets –  we collect, ingest, collate and tag it, so companies can easily access their rapidly growing owned content pool, to create highly targeted and individualised messaging and richer experiences for their customers.”

“Collaboro’s differentiator as a business proposition, which complements enterprise deployments of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and other software-only digital asset management (DAM) solutions, is that we are the only company to offer the other core component of a complete DAM solution.”

Boulter said Collaboro offers the creative village, to collate all content, then undertake the core tasks that ensure success – upload, ingest, tag, organise and manage all content in the platform going forward. 

“Our experience is that the most detailed and well-planned DAM deployment falls over at the operational stage – put simply, the basic uploading, tagging and organising processes that everyone using the software must adhere to for a DAM platform deployment to be successful simply isn’t practical at scale,” he said.

“Indeed, the larger the organisation, the less likely the success of a software-only DAM deployment – the white noise of employee, supplier and stakeholder change is often too much for administrators to handle. 

 “You can only do true centralisation on the cloud and it must work at scale. The Open Data Initiative reflects the way the world is moving towards data management in a single location.

“Put simply, the Open Data Initiative can provide the in-depth behavioral and demographic information, which in turn, allows brands to draw the specific content from their media asset pool that will resonate directly to each individual customer, and that’s a powerful concept for the future of marketing.

“In the same way, Collaboro is making it easier for organisations to seamlessly manage their media assets. Platforms like ours deliver a simple plug and play efficiency gain and allow organisations to create individualised media campaigns and messaging.”

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