Dave Hughes Punks A Bunch Of Hipster Meat-Lovers With Vego Kebab Stunt

Dave Hughes Punks A Bunch Of Hipster Meat-Lovers With Vego Kebab Stunt

Is it really a matter of pride in Australia to eat meat? That’s the question being posed in a new campaign for the Alternative Meat Co. (AMC) by Sydney-based PR agency Poem, who reveal that more Aussies are willing to consider an alternative to the classic BBQ.

A video featuring self-confessed carnivores, confused hipsters and an unconvincing fake moustache, sees Australian comedian Dave Hughes go ‘undercover’ at one of Sydney’s  most famous kebab shops, to sub in Alternative Meat Co. products to unsuspecting kebab connoisseurs.

The “Punk’d” style video tackles the perception of meat’s superior taste by striking at the core of Aussie meat culture and capturing people’s surprised reactions.

The Alternative Meat Co. is a brand new plant-based meat alternative available in Coles, Woolworths and IGA. It looks, smells and tastes like meat, but is better for the environment and contains no cholesterol.

Working with video production company Ideosphere, the Facebook-led content was designed by Poem and is being supported by publicity, Facebook media, content retargeting, native advertising and influencer marketing.

Dean Epps, general manager at Life Health Foods Australia, the creators of the AMC brand said, “Gone are the days of Australians eating a steak at every meal. With the nation becoming more health and environmentally conscious, this campaign shows how Aussies can still enjoy the experience of meat with plant alternatives.”

The aim of the campaign was to encourage Australians to consider their options, rather than become fully vegetarian.

Rob Lowe, co-founder of Poem, added, “Our aim was to convince meat eaters that there’s a great tasting alternative and to do it in a culturally relevant, entertaining and sharable way. It’s a great example of our Paid, Owned and Earned Media (POEM) approach to modern PR.”

Client – Life Health Foods
Brand – Alterative Meat Co
Creative, PR and social agency – Poem
Video production – Ideosphere

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