Commission Factory Unveils Cross-Channel Attribution

Commission Factory Unveils Cross-Channel Attribution
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APAC’s leading affiliate marketing platform, Commission Factory, has launched its latest platform feature – Cross-Channel Attribution. This new feature empowers how advertisers and affiliates work together in performance marketing.

As the role of affiliate marketing becomes increasingly valuable to an advertiser marketing plan, tracking and rewarding affiliate sales is more critical than ever. Commission Factory’s Cross-Channel Attribution feature allows advertisers and affiliates to gain better insights into the consumer journey and understand the value of each marketing channel, or touchpoint, in the conversion process.

With Cross-Channel Attribution, platform users can see the value of their individual marketing channel in generating customer conversions. Each touchpoint is allocated a percentage based on each channel’s importance in the conversion process and reported for users to view and filter.

For advertisers, this feature allows them to make data-driven decisions and optimise their marketing efforts for better results. Brands can also improve their affiliate reward structure by better understanding how affiliates have contributed to their revenue.

Affiliates, meanwhile, can enjoy increased rewards and fair attribution from brands, which will improve their overall ROI. Cross-Channel Attribution also allows them to gain further recognition from advertisers and increase the quality of their partnerships with improved collaboration.

According to Angelique Bosse, Product Marketing Manager at Commission Factory, the Cross-Channel Attribution feature is the right step forward in performance marketing. “We think Cross-Channel Attribution is a game-changer in the industry. Not only will advertisers be able to view the end-to-end consumer journey, they can also know exactly what works and what doesn’t in their partnership strategy. We think this is significant for partnership optimisation and success in the affiliate marketing space.”

Brands and advertisers on Commission Factory’s Elevate plan can use the Cross-Channel Attribution feature live on the Commission Factory platform.

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