Coke, Macca’s, Burger King & Nike Head Host Of Brands Leading The Social Distancing Message

Coke, Macca’s, Burger King & Nike Head Host Of Brands Leading The Social Distancing Message

You don’t need to be told – well, judging by a lot of news reports, you do – that social isolating is the best method to stem the flow of coronavirus cases.

Admittedly, staying at home for a month sounds idyllic but the facts are, it’s a lot harder than it looks, especially those who have to juggle working from home and minding small children at the same time.

To stress the self-isolation message, a number of the world’s leading brands have released simple, but effective messages on the importance of staying indoors. Here’s B&T’s wrap of some of the better ones.


Macca’s in Brazil has split its famous logo in two to raise awareness for social distancing. It’s also promoting its delivery and drive-in services, to help people respect the new social norms. It follows news overnight, that all McDonald’s outlets in the UK are to close in the wake of the virus.


The world’s most famous beverage has unveiled a billboard (in the albeit very deserted) Times Square in New York that urges “staying apart is the best way to stay united”.

The billboard was created in partnership with Mercado McCann in Argentina and follows The Coca-Cola Foundation’s, the philanthropic arm of Coke, $US20.5 million donation to help fight the virus.

Burger King

Fresh from its recent mouldy burger controversy, the famed fast-food chain is reimaging its store signs in the US from “home of the Whopper” to a more simple message: “Stay home”.


The world’s biggest sportswear company is typically first to jump on any movement and it too is sending out the merits of staying at home message. The social media campaign reads, “If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world.” It also follows the company’s decision to shut many of its retail outlets over the weekend for seven days.

Skyn Condoms

The American prophylactic manufacturer couldn’t be simpler with its COVID-19 isolating message, a social media campaign simply declaring “Stay and f@ck at home.”

Boy Scouts Of America

No one loves the outdoors more than the Scouts, but not so in these far more infamous times. The Boy Scouts Of America releasing a social media campaign with a simple message any abiding dib, dib dobber could understand – the “indoors” are the place to be.


The luxury German car marque has always played on safety and its new social media campaign again carries the message of home is the place to be right now.


IKEA Spain has come up with a simple message via its agency McCann Spain – called ‘#YoMeQuedoEnCasa (I Stay Home) – that was “created in the spirit of celebrating our homes” and shows the simplicity and beauty of simply staying in.


Meanwhile, Scottish agency Leith is reminding everyone of the time it should take to properly wash your hands. The agency has revealed witty little poems to be hung above any sink that takes the same time to read as it does to kill the germs on your hands. Check ’em out below:








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